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BridgeCom BCS-200 Water Resistant Speaker Mic

D878UVII Plus / Bridgecom thumbs up

Received radio when expected / no delays. Brand new to DMR. I had already registered my call and had my DMR ID. I was on the air within 1 day. Tweaked the "super-codeplug" to include my local repeaters. I'm impressed with the build quality of this radio. The battery life is freakishly good!

they're batteries

They make the radio work gud. No complaints.

AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus
Donald Alexander
Never got it to work

Never could get the radio to work, would not recommend

I think it’s a great mobile

I’ve been using the BTech 6X2 handheld’s and enjoy the similarity with the Anytone D578.

The BridgeCom BCE-300 Earpiece with Mic is Great

I really like using the earpiece and mic system with my AnyTone 878 radio. I am able to enjoy my radio without disturbing others. It works great and is very handy.

Ron mayer
578 Hood

This was just what I needed for my 578 that I use a base station. Fits nice and firm around the radio. Its great.

Will reply after I send my radio back for problem. UP to now response has been great.

Added Hotspot

Following purchase of 878plus radio, I decided to add the hotspot.. Bridge com preprogramed the hotspot and had a 3 day turn around. Excellent service

I loaded the ultra code plug on my 878 11 pluss but it still doesn't transmit by it itself. Will it only transmit with a skybridge?

Advanced Tech Call - 1 Hour
Cheryl and Dale Bland

Jeremiah was very courteous, professional and really knows his stuff! We feel he went “above and beyond “ assisting us in our skybridge hot spot setup.
Beyond happy and are enjoying our many contacts!
Great Job BridgeCom !!

Anytone 578 connecting to skybridge RMA 20230523LBFD

I had some issues with my Anytone AT-D578UVlll Plus having high bit error rates and also not being able to set the date/time. I sent it back to Bridgecom and it was determined to have a bent shaft on the channel select knob and something was wrong with the frequency calibration. Bridgecom replaced the radio and it works fine now. Thank you Jeremiah and Lucas!

Good Buy

Works great!!

Great product and excellent support

We have been really enjoying our new hotspot. Made contacts in Tokyo, Japan and in Ne Zealand as well as several in the USA.
Jeremiah has been so helpful in getting us "set-up." He is an asset to your company !! Great job ! Looking forward to using it more !!!

I ‘m happy with mine.

It’s something like no other .

Manly cord!

The LMR 400 is a STOUT cord that gave me an even 1.0 swr from my repeater to my antenna.Super tough coax,for sure.😁

Works great. Great support.

New to Anttine and this has been great.

Great call and very helpful

Good service

BridgeCom Plus w/Free Super Codeplug?

Apparently, the web is better. Received my 878plus fully loaded, had a fellow ham with the same radio assist me with the setup. We had come backs from London, Turkey and couple of other countries. Impressive little stick of dinomite radio, DMR,is by far more impressive than ever before. Sleak radio with no extras needed. It was a big help with the past hurricane. Thanks again, will continue the curriculum very soon as I get caught up from the storm. Thanks again

Great Service! Great Radio!

I needed to send my AT-878UVII plus radio in for service due to a faulty GPS receiver. Bridgecom service was excellent. My radio was still under warranty. After evaluating my unit. They sent me a new radio unit out right away for replacement. It is working great now. Fast turn around. Great customer service.

Anytime 878 Plus My First Radio

Great Customer Service and Personal assistance from BridgeCom Systems.
Radio has Beautiful Graphics and is able to be Customized Individually.
I already have changed the background picture and inserted my call sign and name in place of startup screen. Audio is fist Rate crystal clear and loud.
Great Gmr, 2 meter and 440 loads of internal contacts.
Radio just looks and feels Hi Quality. Also you get a 3100 Ma Battery for plenty of paper along with four power settings.

BridgeCom BCS-200 Water Resistant Speaker Mic is Rugged and Handy

The external hand mic for the AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus radio is a handy addition to the device system. The microphone has excellent audio and is well made. The external mic makes using the radio much easier and more convenient.

BridgeCom Plus w/Free Super Codeplug

This course needs revission

After taking some of the course I feel revission is in order. Just because dmr is dmr radio to radio is not the information i was looking for. You need a complete video on just the 578 not as it is now by using the ht 878 demo talking about the 578 mobile. Showing the 578 directly can clesr up many questions folks have. Hope that helps some. Im not trying to be critical as im an outsider and see things from a different perspective. De n2fep