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🎁 This Month ONLY: Buy an 578UVIII Plus, Get 50% OFF a Tri-Band Antenna! Just add both items to your cart, then use code JUNEDEAL at checkout! 🎁
🎁 This Month ONLY: Buy an 578UVIII Plus, Get 50% OFF a Tri-Band Antenna! Just add both items to your cart, then use code JUNEDEAL at checkout! 🎁

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Great Radio!

Very solid sturdy well built radio. Easy to program I recommend anyone that needs a good hand held radio purchase one of these!

Second home mobility

This charger will live in a small, second home allowing me to use the 878 when away from home. Good price - prompt delivery. Ice company to work with.

220 repeater

Works great... Easy to set up...

Super Code Plug

Excellent and easy to load

BCR-40DU (400-470 MHz) UHF Repeater with internal BCD-440 Duplexer

Just as good as what came with my radio out of the box

I have used it with my 578, and it works flawlessly, as expected.

Anytone 578UVIII Plus - Awesome!

Versatile DMR radio with plenty of power in a compact form factor. Can be installed as a mobile or fitted into a portable enclosure (ammo can) with LiPO batteries and appropriate switches annd antenna connections and you’ve got a portable powerhouse. Radio has GPS & APRS along with Bluetooth which allows connection to several devices including the BT01 full featured remote head. I bought my first 578 a year ago and liked it so much I just bought my second unit! While Anytones are not my only radios, they are my favorites and Bridgecom is my favorite source to acquire them! Get yours today! You won’t be disappointed!

Was ready to use right out of the box. The instructions to get talking on the air were very easy to follow. It a well built quality product as I am still exploring all the features.

BCR/BCM programming kit
David Schneider

BCR/BCM programming kit

BCD-440 UHF Duplexer

I installed the duplexer at the base of my tower in a weather proof enclosure. In the same enclosure are two Wouxun KG-1000G Plus radios in repeater configuration. I have minimal desensitization and I am happy with the range. This configuration allows me coverage over my entire ranch consisting of about 400+ acres. So far I am very satisfied with the duplexer.

Great Radio - Documentation and Videos SUCK!

The radio is a 10 but the support, both the User Manual and the videos from Bridgecom University, are worthless.

For instance, when you first turn on the radio, a screen pops up where you are to set the time zone, date and time but nowhere is there information on how to do it. I finally watched a video showing someone doing it to see what buttons you need to press to do it.

Entering data into the code plug is fairly straightforward IF you've done it before. You need to read from the radio and then modify THAT spreadsheet for it to work. Having experience with the process, I read from the radio, saved the file, then RENAMED that downloaded file and edited THAT one. That's the process but nowhere in the documentation or videos is that even mentioned.

BCR Repeater Programming Cable

My first cable died. It was recognized by my computer but not the repeater. I finally tried a cable from a friend's repeater and it worked 100%. This new one works 100%

SkyBridge MAXimizer
John Gilkey
A worthwhile upgrade

The new Skybridge MAXimizer brings a new and improved user interface and is noticeably faster. To me it was well worth upgrading my original Skybridge.

AT-878UVII programming cable

I could not program my 878 HT with the programming cables that I had. The folks at Bridgecom were able to send me the correct cable. The cable arrived within a few days. I was immediately able to program the HT with new channels and zones. Thanks Bridgecom.

BridgeCom BCS-200 Water Resistant Speaker Mic

Excellent Service

I purchased the PNP package before knee replacement surgery thinking that I would use my downtime to set things up. There was nothing to setup! Everything worked perfectly out of the box. There appears to be no comprehensive documentation for the SkyBridge hot spot, aside from a basic setup guide.

It worked!

Make sure to set the com port to whatever works, then make sure each channel has a scan list name selected. Also move the channel into the Zone and Scan Lists so they'll appear on the radio.

Top quality equipment

BCM branded speaker mic fits perfectly and works well. Solid audio. I couldnt be happier with this purchase!

Hilltop timber farm repeater

Works great with handheld radios and mobiles. One handheld at bottom of West hillside, another handheld at the bottom of the North hillside, plus mobile unit 3 miles to the East at convenience store getting fuel. No cell phone service except at top of hills and spotty at best. We all feel safer now. Software easy to use from my laptop.


Works great. Was able to trip repeater
From 25 miles away. Will be moving antenna to roof of barn for even greater range.

Plug and play package

The plug and play package itself for the most part is pretty good. Customer service on the other hand sucks thus the 2 stars. I've called 5 times for a little bit of help. I've received not one call back 14 days later. I know about the Hamvention. There's just no excuse for before that or after that that no one's bothered to call. Very poor customer service.

Quality equipment carefully prepared

A perfect plug-and-play package. Worked perfectly right out of the box. I’ll be customizing it further through programming, but I made my first QSO in minutes. Full quieting signal with superior digital audio quality. The techs at BridgeCom Systems had prepared everything for me to hit the ground running!

Purchased this for work. It works great

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