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📣 SAVE Hundreds on a Repeater during our Repeater Sale! Sign up for a Call-back Today! 📣

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BridgeCom Plus Membership

Great customer service and equipment !

The staff is knowledgeable and very kind to me regarding every question and need I had. BRIDGECOM IS THE ONLY PLACE I GO for my radios !

Bstock 878uv2plus

I love it works like it supposed to and Jeremiah is absolutely amazing at what he does I'm a very happy customer

EXCELLENT Setup with The AT-D878UVII Plus, Skybridge and Courses

I must say that with the AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus, The SkyBridge MAX Digital Hotspot and Bridgecom University, It is an excellent package. Also the code plug I received. I am still using the Bridgecom University, for referencing and I'm still learning more as I move ahead. I did make my first contact from the USA to Europe in 2 days. The first day I did some reading and I monitored others. It is not hard at all Once you take your first step. Things just get easier. However there is so much you can do, I am still learning thanks to Bridgecom University. Great Support Thank You


So glad I purchased this radio, and I must say bridgecom exceeded my expectations for service.. Great Job Bridgecom...

It was all that I expected once I received my BT01bluetooth mic.

Thank you

This is an item not easily found. Been looking for a while. Thank you for having it in stock finally.

75' of 1/2" Hardline N to N
Bill “Bubba” Bussey KJ4JJ
Looks good so far….

The 75 foot of 1/2 hardline was delivered wrapped in a fairly small box, and in great shape. Biggest problem is the delay between ordering and getting. Wish more was in stock ready to go? Plan ahead.

Great radio. Great resources provided by BridgeCom. Very satisfied.

Great Mobile Radio

I love the Anytone 578UVlll Plus. This radio is loaded with features. Easy to program and update the firmware. I am very happy with my purchase.

Recent purchase

Great love the Training Coarse !!!

SkyBridge MAX
Bill Williams
Works great

Followed the video instructions…Was up and running in no time. Works great !

878, feature rich

Unit works like a champ. Need to go to university to learn about all the features.

Beginner to HAM/DMR

A very detailed and informative course that will guide me through the learning process. One of the main reasons I chose to purchase the Anytone. Will make good use of your resources that you have provided.

SkyBridge MAX
John Dalton
Great customer service

Few companies have excellent customer service as Bridgecom systems do. Jeremiah called and walked me through everything I needed to get going with my Anytone 878UVII and the Skybridge. Thanks guys.

Great help online very fast done in no time!

Even though it cost me $68 dollars it was well worth the money good on QRZ K5HLH

Awesome Equipment and Performance

Before I had gotten the SkyBridge Max Dual Band Digital Hotspot and AT-D878UVII PLUS, I admit I was intimidated. However Digital (DMR) radio is not that hard at all, from writing your own codeplugs to making your first contact. I was up and running 15 minutes after I hooked everything up. That 15 minutes was just reviewing the user manuals. I think DMR has a huge future with more capabilities, this is only the beginning.


It is fascinating what such a small device is capable of doing and I am just getting started!

BT Speaker Mic BT01 - Screen Scratched

Screen protector was trimmed / aligned with the actual screen so well I couldn't tell it was there. Quick response clarified it was there, and I was able to scrape it off.

BP-268 warranty replacement

Great and fast response. Thanks

Protective case

I have one for both my 868 & 878 HT's. Well worth the investment.

Works as anticipated

The code plug seems to work seamlessly and flawlessly.

Programming Fee.

Honestly I would of paid to have the radios programmed complete.
I'm still trying to figure out what I am doing wrong programming my frequencies. As for DMR. I HAVE NOT YET BEEN ABLE TO HEAR OR MAKE ANY CONTACTS

This is the perfect package for the dumb and lazy...

Hey, what's wrong with you ham radio operators, even considering buying a "ready made" package, instead of getting yourself into the topic and create things for less than a quarter of the price yourself ? - The offer here is much too expencive for what you get in return, better buy a CB radio instead, if you are not willing to deal with the nescessary background knowledge for DMR...

Connecting cable for ARCOM to BCR 220

Perfect fit and a very practical length for our system

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