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Amateur Radio Digital Nets

There's always something going on in the world of Digital Ham Radio.  Below we've compiled a list of active weekly digital nets.  We hope you find this list helpful as you make new friends and contacts in Ham Radio!  73!



  • Alaska Statewide NET - 10:30pm CST TG 3100  Great guys and open to everyone.
  • Michigan Monday Night Technet - TG 3126 BM - 7:00 PM US Central
  • MichiganOne DMR Net - 7:30 PM US Central Location: BM TG 3126


  • North American Talk Box 8:00 PM CST. BM TG 3119886 and TGIF TG 6282
  • West Virginia DMR net  TG 3154 7:30PM EST.


  • Illinois Digital Net -8:30pm CDT  
    ILLINOIS LINK Wires x 21565
    TGIF DMR 31171
    P25 31171
    NXDN 3117
    ALLSTAR LINK 42810
    DSTAR XLX 334G, DCS 334G, XRF 334G, XLX 312G 
  • Southeast Link TAG - Multi-Mode Digital Net 7:30pm EDT 
    Allstar LMARC Node 510131 SouthEast Link Bridge System
    DMR Brandmeister Network: TG 314722
    DMR QRM Network: TG 43389
    DMR TGIF Network: TG 43389
    DMR+: TG 323 on server IPSC2-QuadNet
    DStar: XRF/XLX/DCS 139-D, XRF/XLX/DCS 913-D
    Echolink Node N4LMC-L 94680 SouthEast Link Bridge System
    FCS Reflector: SouthEast Link FCS002-89 or FCS003-89
    NXDN: 43389 Southeast Link
    Wires-X: Southeast Link, Room 43389
    YCS Reflector YCS310, Room 36 (FCS31036 / DG-ID 36)
    YSF Reflector: 43389 US-Southeast Link 
  • Amateur Astronomy Digital Voice Net9:00 PM US EDT Brandmeister TG 31012
  • DMR Arkansas Amateur Radio Net (DAARN Hams) 9pm CST on BM TG 3105
  • SWVA DMR NET  TG 3151 8:00 pm EST


  • D-Star Trains And Railroads Net - 7pm CDT - BrandMeister TG 31012
  • Night Owl’s DMR NET TG 31513 10:00 PM EST.


  • WALES DMR RAGCHEW NET1:30 PM CST – 3 PM CST  Brandmeister TG 2356
  • Arrow DMR Net 6 PM Central USA  TG: 3126 BM


  • RV'ers DIGITAL VOICE NET - 9pm EDT (02:00 UTC monday)  Brandmeister DMR Talkgroup 31012 - DMR Plus talkgroup 320 (on the IPSC2-QuadNet Server
  • Young Operator's Digital Voice Net - 7pm EDT Brandmeister TG 31012
  • Sunday Night UP Net  Michigan - 5:30 PM CT  TG: 31268