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🌞 Soak Up the Sun with Weekly Summer Deals Starting July 9th! >> 🌞

1 Year Warranty

Free $97 Course

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AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus with $97 Training Course FREE!

The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus offers:

    • BridgeCom University Access ($97 FREE with Radio) Over 150 Hours of Beginner-to-expert training that walks you through your new device!  Answer core questions like, “What is DMR and how do I operate on it?” and “How do I program and use my new radio?” plus how to use ALL the features, connect to local repeaters, and more! Never get stuck again!
    • REAL American-based customer service from radio experts.  
    • Dual band with Analog and DMR capability so you can have one radio for everything
    • APRS RX AND TX capability so you can beacon your location and see other operators on your radio too
    • 500K contact list capacity so you can have every DMR user in your radio no matter how many there are
    • Bluetooth capability for hands-free communication in your vehicle, so you can connect to your favorite Bluetooth audio device or hearing aid for added safety and convenience.
    • 878UVII Plus Radio Accessories included (Battery & Belt Clip, Wall Charging Kit, Programming Cable, Wrist Strap, PTT Button, and USB cable)
    • Award-winning support team available for questions about your 878UVII Plus so that you'll always know how to use your radio.
    • BUY NOW and Pay as little as $27/month through Affirm Financing
    • Find all the accessories you need HERE.

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Free $97 Training Course

5-Star American Based Tech Support

High-quality Versatile Commercial Grade Products

In-house Programming

Free Tuning

Expert Tech Community

Free Technical Consultation

BridgeCom University Training courses INCLUDED FREE with your radio!

Start Here - How to Get Your Radio Up and Running
  • Welcome / Getting Started
  • AnyTone Handheld Radio
  • Quick Start Video Guide
  • How to Install the AnyTone CPS
  • How to Update the Firmware on Your AnyTone AT-D868UV, AT-D878UV, and AT-D878UV PLUS
  • AnyTone 868 & 878 Guide by David Hull, KC6N
DMR Basics
  • What Is DMR?
  • How To Get A DMR ID for
  • Amateur (Ham) Radio In 2020
  • How to get a Vanity Callsign
  • Amateur Radio and DMR Etiquette Tips
Talk Groups and Contact Lists
  • How To Add And Delete A contact In Your AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D8781JV
  • How to Import the Digital Contact List
  • How to Import Talk Group Lists
  • How to Program Talk Groups For Your DMR Hotspot Using an Anytone DMR Radio
  • How to Create a Private Talk Group for you and a Buddy on Your AnyTone
  • How to Create an Actual Private Talk Group With Your DMR ID on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Add and Delete a Contact on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Create a Dynamic or Static Talkgroup
VFO and Channel Modes
  • How to Add a Channel to Your Codeplug
  • AnyTone AT-D878/8681JV sub Channel Demo
  • How to Add the Weather Channels / Weather Alert to Your AnyTone 878 HT
  • How to add Weather Channels to Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Assign a VFO Mode Switching Button on an AnyTone 868/878 DMR HT Radio
  • How to Add a VFO Channel to Your AnyTone HT
  • How to Add a VFO Channel to Memory Mode on an AnyTone 878 Plus
  • How to switch Between Single and Dual VFO Modes
  • How to Switch From VFO Mode to Channel Mode
  • How to Create a Private Channel for You and Your Friend to Talk on With Your Radio
  • How to Hide or Show the Subchannel on Your AnyTone Radio
Getting on the Air!
  • How to Program an Analog Repeater into Your AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio
  • How to Program an Digital Repeater into Your AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio
Display Features on AnyTone Handheld Radios
  • What are all the Different Icons on Your AnyTone Radio I What do They Mean?
  • How to Change the Display and Font Color on the AnyTone 878/578 Radios
  • How to do an Icon Update on the AnyTone Handheld Radios
  • How to Change the AnyTone Background Image
  • How to Change the Backlight Dimmer Time on an AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV
  • How to Change the Screen Brightness on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to see the Call Log on the AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio
  • How to Enable or Disable the Volume bar Popup on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Extend the Sleep Mode Timer on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Extend the Menu Exit Timer on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Disable the End Call Prompt on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Chanae the Font and Text Color on Your AnvTone Radio
Power Functions
  • How to Adjust the Auto Power-Off Function in the AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV
  • How to Change the Transmit Power of the AnyTone HT
  • How to Reinitialize Your AnyTone DMR Radio
  • Quiz 9
  • How to Enable the Bluetooth and APRS Menus in CPS
  • How to set up APRS on Your AnyTone 878
  • How to Kill the APRS TX Noise
  • How to Update the Bluetooth and APRS Modules on Your AnyTone Radio
  • Quiz 10
Using Accessories with an AnyTone Handheld Radio
  • How to Set up Bluetooth on Your AnyTone Radio
  • How to Connect the PTT Button to the AT878 PLUS Tutorial
  • How to Connect the AnyTone to a Bluetooth Headset
  • How to Fix Low Speaker Mic Volume on Your AnyTone
  • How Far Can the BCA-300 Dual Band Mag Mount Antenna Transmit?


Get on the air and make a contact the first day you set up your package, GUARANTEED,

or we will give you a 100% refund and send you a prepaid return shipping label!

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Here's everything you get TODAY:

With cutting-edge radios, an award-winning tech team, plug-and-play packages, and our second-to-none  

BridgeCom University training, we've already guaranteed your success.

The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus DMR Handheld Radio

The best dual band DMR/Analog handheld with all the latest and greatest features.

BridgeCom University Full-Ride Scholarship

Over 150 total step-by-step videos, tutorials and guides so that you can learn all there is to know about your radio and use it confidently.

AT-D878UVII Plus Radio Accessibility Essentials Bundle

3100 mAh External Battery w/ Belt Clip, Bluetooth PTT Button for hands-free communication.

Free 5-Star Support

Includes the 15 Most Used Talkgroups.Plus YOUR statewide TALK GROUP!


Join the 21,000+ Hams using BridgeCom University!

When you purchase the AnyTone AT-D578UVIII Plus, you'll gain access to Digital Radio Training Videos for FREE to ensure you master digital radio. Easily set up your digital radio step-by-step as you follow along with our expert team.

Give Me The  FREE Course and The Radio Now >>


Check out why KE5DFO and KØVET chose the Plug and Play Package:

See why Bob, KE5DFO, drove from Oklahoma

"Knew nothing about DMR but now I know a lot"

Why KØVET chose the Plug & Play Package

"Radio was programed and ready to go in couple of minutes!"

  • Built-in GPS 
  • Bluetooth - Connect to your favorite audio device (Headset, speaker, etc)
  • Roaming (Auto/Manual) - Connect to repeaters automatically as you drive
  • Loud speaker - 1w speaker power for loud and clear sound
  • Repeater Check (Out-of-Range Checking for Repeater)
  • Talker Alias (sends and Displays)
  • Analog and DMR APRS
  • Custom Standby Background Picture and Power-On Picture
  • AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS with programming cable, GPS, And 3100mAh Battery.
  • VHF/UHF DUAL BAND: Features both DMR digital and analog modes. DMR Tier I and Tier II operation.
  • Massive Memory: 4,000 Memory Channels, 10,000 DMR Talk Groups, 500,000 Digital Contacts, 250 zones, up to 250 channels per zone.
  • 136-174 / 400-480 MHz RX/TX 
  • 2-pin style Kenwood K1 type speaker mic connection. IP-54 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Color TFT Display - 1.77-inch color TFT screen for Day or Night operation with Dual or Single Channel display
  • 4 programmable power levels: 6/4/2.5/1 Watt Transmit Power Levels
  • 1.77-inch color TFT Screen with a selectable dual channel or single channel display
  • Bandwidth 12.5 / 25.0 kHz Analog, and 12.5 kHz DMR Import/Export
  • Enhanced CPS allows direct input and export of channels, digital IDs and talkgroups
  • Supports DMR Tier I and Tier II operation, making it compatible with DMR repeaters that utilize two-slot TDMA technology
  • 2-pin style Kenwood K1 type earphone and speaker mic connection for a variety of accessories
  • IP-54 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Frequency range 136-174 MHz VHF/ 400-480 MHz UHF RX/TX     
  • Power output: VHF: 7/5/2.5/1W, UHF: 6/5/2.5/1W
  • Up to 35 hours between charges with the supplied 3100 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • APRS Receive
  • FCC Part 90 Certified, FCC ID: T4KD878UV


  • Frequency Range: 136-174MHz (VHF) , 400-480MHz (UHF), TX and RX
  • Channel Capacity: 4000 channels
  • Channel Spacing: 25KHz (Wide Band)    12.5KHz (Narrow Band)
  • Phase-locked Step: 5KHz, 6.25KHz
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4V DC ±20% (2100mAh)
  • Frequency Stability: ±2.0ppm
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~ +55℃
  • Size: 129×61×39mm (with battery pack)
  • Weight: 282g (with battery pack, antenna)

Transmitting Part

  • Power Output: VHF: 7/5/2.5/1W, UHF: 6/5/2.5/1W
  • Modulation Limit: ±5.0KHz@25KHz (Wide Band)     ±2.5KHz@12.5KHz (Narrow Band)
  • Adjacent Channel Power: ≥70dB (Wide Band)     ≥60dB (Narrow Band)
  • Hum & Noise: ≥40dB (Wide Band)     ≥36dB (Narrow Band)
  • Spurious Emission: ≤-36dB (Wide Band)       ≤-36dB (Narrow Band)
  • 4FSKDigital Modulation: 12.5KHz(data)7K60FXD       12.5KHz(data+voice)7K60FXE
  • Audio Distortion: ≤5%
  • Error Rate: ≤3%
  • Receiving Part

  • Sensitivity: (12dB SINAD)≤0.25μV (Wide Band)   ≤0.35μV (Narrow Band)
  • Digital Sensitivity: 0.3uV/-117.4dBm (BER 5%)        0.7uV/-110dBm (BER 1%)
  • Adjacent Channel  Selectivity: ≥70dB (Wide Band)       ≥60dB (Narrow Band)
  • Spurious Emission: ≤-57dB (Wide Band)      ≤-57dB (Narrow Band)
  • Spurious Rejection: ≥70dB (Wide Band)         ≥70dB (Narrow Band)
  • Blocking: 84db
  • Hum & Noise: ≥45dB (Wide Band)        ≥40dB (Narrow Band)
  • Audio Distortion: ≤5%
  • Audio Power Output: 
  • 1000mW/16Ω

Customer Reviews

Based on 293 reviews
It help me to put in my own code plugs. It works great

The radio great and the course is fantastic. I have my code plugs working and able to join talk groups, etc.

Ronald Brown
Great DMR Radio

Easy radio to use, call plug is relatively straightforward to program, lots of great features, reasonably priced, and great support through BridgeCom


Very nice t


Purchased this for work. It works great

Patrick Mullan

Could not ask for a better HT