AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus

$ 299.99


"The 878UVII is now my favorite radio. They took the best parts of the 878 added a few features and upgraded memory... I like the new feel and look of the updated 878. Highly recommend." - Ron KB9ZB


The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus offers:

    • BridgeCom University Access ($97 Value—FREE with your purchase) Beginner-to-expert training that walks you through your new device, answering core questions like, “What is DMR and how do I operate on it?” and “How do I program and use my new radio?”
    • Dual band with Analog and DMR capability so you can have one radio for everything
    • APRS RX AND TX capability so you can beacon your location and see other operators on your radio too
    • 500K contact list capacity so you can have every DMR user in your radio no matter how many there are
    • Bluetooth capability for hands-free communication in your vehicle, so you can connect to your favorite Bluetooth audio device or hearing aid for added safety and convenience
    • Dedicated support team available for questions about your 878UVII Plus so that you'll always know how to use your radio.

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Customer Reviews

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Doug Herman
The AnyTone AT-D878UVIIPlus is great!!

I am very pleased with the new handheld! I am able to hit our local repeater and have made some interesting DMR contacts. The Super Codeplug works well and I am exploring many of the Talk Groups as I go along. Your videos and very helpful and I want to thank your staff for helping each time I have called.
Doug Herman, KD0TG

Paul Parker
Newbie to Anytone

Still in the process of taking course!😊

Louis Wise
Solid radio

The first thing that I noted when my 878UVII Plus came in, was how solid feeling it was. More so than my other ham radios I own. I’m an older ham so the size of the display was a concern. But when it came in I saw a very clean high contrast screen with clear fonts. I change some of the colors to better meet my needs. The learning curve is large for DMR, but the training aids here are a really big help! Still working hard to understand this, but it will take a while for me to really understand this new digital radio form.

Gilbert Zaragoza
I give this radio a five but it is a little difficult for me to understand how to use it but once...

I hope this review is just between you and I the problem that I’m having is studying for the ham radio Tess lotta questions a lot of answers I’ve taken the practice test three times unfortunately I fell three times I hope I’m not like my cousin Vinny six times a charm but I’ll keep going out

Michael Beasley

AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus