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📣 Hamvention Sale Now LIVE! Celebrate the Biggest Ham Radio Event of the Year with HUGE Savings! 📣

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About Us

Thank you for visiting BridgeCom Systems, Inc. was established in 2004. It began like so many businesses, with a dream from the kitchen table. It quickly outgrew the kitchen and moved to the basement. Eventually BridgeCom moved to our current location in Smithville, MO.  The facility is just 15 minutes north of Kansas City, MO.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a communication solution that fits a need and provide high quality customer service. We specialize in the development and sale of communications equipment for land mobile radio, amateur radio, commercial radio and RoIP (Radio Over IP) solutions. 

Our first product to market in 2004 was an analog FM community repeater for UHF and VHF, eventually named the CS-540. Since that time, we have developed and sold products for amateur radio, commercial radio, multi-site communication, LTR, DMR, RoIP, VoIP, IoT, asset tracking, voice dispatch, and more. In the last few years we have brought to market a new repeater, new handheld radios, new mobile radios and a new RoIP communication linking platforms for both amateur and commercial radio. 

In addition, we offer product development services to include: electronic and software engineering and complete turn-key communication solutions. See our Development page for more information.

As the industry and BridgeCom Systems evolves, we are committed to developing outstanding products that meet our customers' needs, and providing industry leading customer service and support at a cost that is competitive. 

Thank you for visiting today. Please let us know if you have any questions.


BridgeCom Systems, Inc