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📢 Memorial MEGA Sale LIVE! Check out NEW Bundle Deals with Reduced Prices and SAVE BIG! 📢

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SkyBridge MAX Hotspot

Like A Repeater in the Palm of Your Hand!

Reach all over the world without a repeater using the Skybridge MAX hotspot!  Connect your digital radio to this hotspot and talk from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection!  The Skybridge can be used in your vehicle, house, outside, on-the-go...just connect it to your phone hotspot or home internet and it works!  No repeater required! Every Skybridge comes with  FREE video tutorial in BridgeCom University! Plus a portable battery!

  • 🌐This hotspot easily connects your digital ham radio to digital networks on all of these modes: DMR, DSTAR, YSF, NXDN, P25, M17, and POCSAG and supports cross-mode operation between different digital modes. 

  • 📡This is the NEWEST addition to the SkyBridge line of MMDVM Hotspots

  • 🎯 Easily get started with the included Quick start guide and Online Video Course, FREE with every purchase. 
  • 🚗 If you don’t have a repeater nearby, or are having trouble connecting to it, this is a great solution to get you on the air with your digital radio from the comfort of your home, apartment, car, RV, truck, hotel room, camping or wherever your travels may take you. All you need is an internet connection to get set up and on the air.

  • 📞 Just connect to your Home network via WiFi or Ethernet connection, or use your personal cellular hotspot to get on the air.

  • 📡 No big antenna needed to talk around the globe. Just your digital ham radio and this hotspot.

  • 🚀 Raspberry Pi4B,  built on a foundation of up-to-date operating systems and core software for improved reliability.

  • 📈 Intuitive Web-based interface, with easy configuration using either WiFi or an Ethernet connection to your home router with the included cable. Tailor your Web dashboard color, hide kerchunks, and easily view the current talkgroup and caller details.

  • 🔄 Stay current with overnight updates that keep your hotspot running smoothly.

  • 🌙 Store multiple profiles directly on the SkyBridge MAX, accessible from the web interface. Say goodbye to managing multiple .zip configuration files separately.

  • 📡 Built-in support for multiple DMR networks

  • 💻 Live Caller Display including the ability to show talkgroup names and caller details or hide kerchunks as per your preferences.

  • 🌐Engineered and assembled with pride in the USA

  • 🔧 If you do encounter a problem getting set up, our USA Based technical support team will assist you. Submit a support ticket and we will email or call you back within 1-2 business days.

  • 🚗 Go Portable with the external battery pack, or the Vehicle Power adapter.

  • 📦 Included in the box: Wall plug adapter, portable external battery pack, USB cable, Ethernet cable, car power adapter, antenna, and QuickStart guide with the online training coupon code

  •  📊 2.4 Inch Full Color TFT LCD Screen Displays callsign, ID, time, date, IP address, current digital mode, and call information

  • 🚀 Elevate your ham radio setup with the SkyBridge MAX MMDVM Hotspot. Designed with the future of Digital Ham Radio in mind. Powered by WPSD and has built in support for the new M17 Mode

  • 🎯 Quick Start Guide:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
James Smithson
Wish Id done this in the beginning

Love it. I originally bought one off amazon the chinese equivelent. This is much better

Brian Casey
Great experience

I ordered the SkyBridge Max after working off a no-name hotspot. The setup and activation were very easy. My first radio test was successful and I've been using it ever since.

Brian Schwarz
DMR almost anywhere

Take your DMR on the road with you. Hotspot your skybridge to your mobile device and talk around the world on DMR radio anywhere you have cell service. Adds another layer to my comms PACE plan.

Frans van Delft
The best service

Very good service and delivery @ home.

Robert Betancourt
Hot spot

The sky bridge is a great hotspot easy to program and built really well.

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