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Submit a Codeplug

Thank You for Your Interest in Submitting a Codeplug!

To Successfully Submit Your Codeplug, Please Follow The Instructions Below and Submit All Necessary Information

  • ALL codeplugs that are submitted MUST be formatted for use with an AnyTone DMR Radio
  • If you have a codeplug in a different format (i.e. CS, Retevis, Tytera, TYT, BTech, etc...), it must be reformatted. Use N0GSG's Contact Manager Software to reformat the codeplug. 
  • Rename the codeplug file in the following .RDT format:
[Your callsign]-[General geographic area]-[Radio model]-[CPS version]-[Submitted date (YYYYMMDD)].rdt
Example: N0REY-kansas_city_mo_area-d878-v117-20200707.rdt
  • Once you have completed all of these steps, email your codeplug to: with the subject line: "CODEPLUG SUBMISSION"
    • Include the following in the email:
    • Location/Region of Codeplug (City, State, County, Country)
    • Date of Last Update to Codeplug
    • Description of Codeplug (Locations, Cities, Repeaters, Talk Groups, etc...)
    • Name(s) and Callsign(s) of all who contributed to the submission of codeplug
    • Attach the .RDT file to the email

Please include ALL requested information when submitting a codeplug. Thank you for your contribution to the Amateur Radio Community!