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⚡ FLASH SALE! ⚡ Save $80 on the MURS Two-Pack This Week ONLY! (4/22 - 4/26)

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Ultra USA & International Hotspot Codeplug

Your Ultra Path to "Helping You Communicate Using Radio"!

The Ultra codeplug was developed for use with our SkyBridge Handheld Plug and Play package, and our SkyBridge Mobile Plug and Play package.

While you can purchase this if you have an AnyTone DMR radio. This is a standalone item and does not inherently come with programming by our team.

To have this codeplug programmed into your radio, order it with one of our Plug and Play packages (mentioned above) or a SkyBridge Max Upgrade Kit.

Grab yours for FREE when you sign up for a BridgeCom Plus Annual Subscription!


  • Ultra codeplugs do not come programmed to connect to your repeater system.
  • Ultra codeplugs must be modified to connect to a repeater system.
  • All codeplugs are non-refundable.

The Ultra USA & International Enhanced Hotspot Codeplug contains the following:

Pre-configured Buttons for Faster Navigation!

Step-by-Step Instructions, Troubleshooting and  Video Links! 

Includes Everything the Super Codeplug Contains:

  • 15 SkyBridge Zone channels
  • 50 states channels Plus Washington DC
  • 7 NOAA channels
  • 95 International channels
  • Digital Repeater Example Channels
  • Analog Repeater Example Channels
    • With Tones and Without Tones
  • General Purpose Digital and Analog Example Channels
  • Extra Zone to Store Your Favorite Channels
 Plus Ultra Access to:
  • BrandMeister Canadian provinces
  • BrandMeister Australia territories
  • BrandMeister Russian countries
  • BrandMeister Territories in Numerous Other Countries
  • BrandMeister weather channels
  • BrandMeister EmComm channels
  • BrandMeister ARES channels
  • BrandMeister Regional channels
  • Bonus channels ( Pi-Star chat, Blind Hams, JOTA, and numerous others)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Peter Selvey
Great product

Spent weeks trying to get my DMR radio to work. Within 15 minutes of loading the codeplug and making a few changes everything was off and running well.

Donald Luth
Job Done

Sometimes on here you’ll get someone (me) who has a real misunderstanding of what was to be done. I was under the impression that it would take at least a week to get what was necessary to the radio done, however I got a package in the mail just a few days later. Is it my radio, I don’t know because I haven’t even opened the package to see. I will do that in the next couple of days, and maybe with a phone call or two, get it working, and me on the air. Thank you guys, this isn’t your fault, it is mine.

Edward Glosenger
Great for just Brandmeister

I probably wouldn’t call this ultra because it does not contain any other network like TGIF, DMR+ etc.

Michael Mc
Works as anticipated

The code plug seems to work seamlessly and flawlessly.

Larry Phillips


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