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AT-D578UV Series Bluetooth Speaker Mic BT-01

Make Mobile QSO's Easier Than Ever Before!

This speaker mic pairs with the 578 UVIII Plus Mobile.

Support Document - Click HERE:

Main Features-

- 2.2 Inch Display
- 5V Type C USB Charge
- Channel/Frequency Select
- Zone Select
- Volume Adjust
- P1-P3 Programmable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

It was all that I expected once I received my BT01bluetooth mic.

John Newton
BT Speaker Mic BT01 - Screen Scratched

Screen protector was trimmed / aligned with the actual screen so well I couldn't tell it was there. Quick response clarified it was there, and I was able to scrape it off.

Don Sachnoff
Non Review at this Time

Let me start by saying that I have been layed up for the past six weeks with a slipped disc. Unfortunately, I have not been able to play let alone open the BT-01 along with the D578UVIII Plus.

Charles Brown

AT-D578UV Series Bluetooth Speaker Mic BT-01

Christopher Gripp
Great accessory. Could be better.

#1 use for me was to have this as more of a remote head than a mic. My install is in a 2021 RAM 1500. My radio is in the center console under the cup holders so I need the screen but the standard hand mic would have worked fine and I quite liked the design of it. I find the size of the BT-01 a little small for my hands (I’m 6’/220 lbs). I wish it had knobs on the top for channel & volume instead of buttons. It becomes a bit fidgety having to adjust my grip on the mic to make volume or channel changes and having to toggle between the two. I find it’s always on the wrong one initially :) The screen is good but is EASILY blemished. I put a screen protector on mine day 2 after getting a few scratches just using it as normal. The bluetooth function on the 578UVIII isn’t compatible with my truck’s system. I can pair it but it won’t “connect” for hands free use. So this was the next best option. Unfortunate because that was a big selling point for me on the Anytone radios in general. Overall I am still debating the usefulness for MY situation.

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