Repeater and Radio Linking

Multi-Site NetworkingLet BridgeCom make linking easy for you. Call or email us with questions on your application, 816-532-8451.

Do you need to link one or more amateur (ham) radio repeaters? Check out the ARNS (Amateur Radio Networking System), it's your easy button. 

Do you need to Connect two or more commercial repeaters or link radios into a group or network? The MV series is for you.

Do you want to link a BCR Repeater to the D-STAR network? Select the D-STAR Kit.Do you want to link MotoTRBO repeaters? The MV-i series will link them to analog repeaters, call for details. The MV-DMR (like a c-bridge) or MV-DMR Virtual Machine will link many MotoTRBO DMR repeaters in IPSC mode into an amateur or commercial network.

Do you need multi-site LTR? Then select the TL-NET Gateway, plus the number of TL-NET Controllers you need per LTR channel. 

Do you need to monitor your network via PC, or do you need to dispatch for a commercial opportunity? PC Client is a windows based software that will help you do both. It's available for any of the above system applications. Some conditions apply, please call for details. 

Select the device below that is best for your application.