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TL-NET PC Client Software Radio/Dispatch Console

TL-NET PC Client Dispatch is our innovative client app that easily turns any Windows® based PC into a 50-channel voice dispatch console. Your PC can now communicate to anyone on the TL-Net RoIP System allowing you to make calls to LTR, Conventional, and Digital Radio users, as well as other PC-based users. Monitor up to 50 channels or talk groups!

PC-Client Dispatch goes hand in hand with our new TL-NET MV Series.

Adds 1 PC Client license to a new or existing TL-NET server.


  • Connect to your TL-Net System anywhere in the world using the Internet or LAN.
  • Monitor up to 50 channels or talk groups.
  • Individual Mute, Mic and Speaker level controls for each channel.
  • Courtesy tone style and level can be adjusted for each channel.
  • Microphone assignment and speaker assignment are configurable for each channel.
  • Microphone and speaker can be common to all channels, separate or grouped for each channel.
  • Completely configurable for any combination.
  • PTT displays RED when Microphone is active, displays GREEN when receiving audio.
  • Main window configurable to display only the channels you are using.
  • USB audio devices are supported as well as built in audio devices.
  • Individually name each channel for easy recognition.
  • No copy protection on the software. You can install the software on many PCs.
  • Very easy to setup. We do not use multicast or complicated mac addressing schemes.
  • No firewall ports or adjustments are required.
  • Very little Bandwidth required, adjustable from 6k bits (only when PTT is pressed).
  • Only one IP network address required.
  • LTR proceed tone selectable for each channel.
  • Select button available for each channel with select/unselect level ratio setting.
  • VU meter display for each channel.
  • Microphone AGC (Automatic Gain Control) selectable.
  • USB foot switch compatible for PTT operation.

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Steve R.

Using to dispatch about 30 waste disposal trucks throughout several different repeater locations for long range communications without the need for a base radio. Works great with good internet service.