TL-NET MV-DMR Virtual Machine for DMR Repeater Linking

$ 695.00

Interested in linking your MOTOTRBO repeaters to the DMR-MARC or DCI network?

Is your Amateur Radio Club, Business, or Public School District interested in creating its own wide-area DMR Network?

TL-NET MV-DMR Virtual Maching is 100% compatible on the DMR-MARC DCI network, c-Bridge and can stand alone to create your own.

MV-DMR Virtual Machine is a software solution to connect several peers (repeaters) together.  Choose the product that provides you with the number of peers (repeaters) you want to connect: 5 peer, 15 peer, 30 peer, or 50 peer. It is very similar to the c-Bridge and will work with it. 

TL-NET started as a wide-area site linking product for LTR in 2006.  Since that time it has grown to include the linking of repeaters used for conventional CTCSS/DCS/CSQ and DMR digital.  

Our first system deployment was North Carolina PRN. It was added to the DMR-MARC network in 2010.

Also, download our Free 4-page white paper detailing how TL-NET solved a very large problem. 

When you place an order we will email you instruction for installing or upgrading the Virtual Server Software on your equipment. 

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