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BridgeCom Systems Adds Pinterest

The world of Pinterest has come to BridgeCom Systems. We will be adding product photos, videos, install photos and much more to our Pinterest page.  "Now you can easily pin BridgeCom photos and other content to our Pinterest page. We...

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BridgeCom Systems MV-1 RoIP Site Linking Video

How does the BridgeCom Systems MV-1 RoIP site linking solution work? Watch the video and see RoIP used to link two "sites." What's in the video: One channel of audio at each site. Each site contains a UHF mobilie radio...

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BridgeCom at JARC Hamfest 2015: The Adventure

Well, another Hamfest in the books. This adventure took us to Joplin, MO for the JARC Hamfest. It was BridgeCom's first time at this Hamfest.  Here are my impressions of the show both good and "needs improvement."  

BridgeCom Systems at JARC Hamfest, Lake JoplinWe arrived in Joplin after a 2.5 hour drive and grabbed some lunch to make sure we were fueled up for the hamfest. The event was held in the Hammons Convention Center just off I-44 and Rangeline Road. The hospitality of JARC, Joplin Amateur Radio Club, was excellent. We were pleasantly greeted and shown our table. Our display this hamfest consisted of the 220 mobile, 220 handheld and BCR Repeater, product literature, business cards and our DMR and $995 BCR Repeater banner.


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Pre 220 MHz Audio Test

Setting up for an audio test with the New BCM-220 mobile and BCH-220 HT for ham radio 220 MHz 1.25m BridgeCom Youtube

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ARRL Newsletter for 8/27/2015

ARRL President Expects Parity Act House Bill Cosponsorships to Top 100 Soon

ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, expects to see the list of cosponsors for the US House version of the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 -- H.R. 1301 -- top 100 soon after Congress reconvenes following its August recess. As of August 27, the measure had attracted 94 cosponsors. A US Senate version of the bill -- S. 1685 -- also has been introduced. President Craigie again encouraged ARRL members to urge their congressional delegations to cosponsor the bills. Summertime ARRL conventions have also been affording more members a chance to make their voices heard.

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Ohio Hospital uses BridgeCom Systems to link LTR Communication System

In a critical situation communication is key. This is especially true in a hospital where lives are on the line. In one Ohio hospital system they face a greater challenge. How can several of the hospital buildings, spread out over a distance, communicate like they are one? 

The Requirement: Create a seamless communication network so the hospitals can communicate together using the existing LTR communication system over four three channel sites.

BridgeCom TL-NET Hospital SolutionThe Solution: Deploy BridgeCom Systems TL-NET multi-site networking communication system. The hospitals have four LTR sites with three channels each. The main site will use a TL-NET Gateway, connected to three TL-NET Controllers. Then the controllers will be connected to their existing repeaters, and finally to the internet. The three other sites will use a TL-NET MV-2 and TL-NET MV-1 connected to three BridgeCom BCR Repeaters. What do all the pieces do and how do

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Hoosier DMR adds new MV-DMR Bridge

From Hoosier DMR Facebook page: As we sit back and relish where Hoosier DMR has come from since its inception and the struggles we have endured, I am overwhelmed by the growth we have seen in just under a year....

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