BridgeCom Testimonials


K7DRA BCR-220 MHz Repeater Install

K7DRA WQUQ252 Install Using BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 1.25m 220 MHz FM Repeater at 8800 Ft in Rock Springs, WY. "Thanks again for a great piece of equipment." Dave K7DRA

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147.020 BridgeCom Repeater @KJ4I Hamilton, AL

The original repeater at the site finally gave out after years of service and had to be replaced. After considering the many options available it was decided to go with a Bridgecom Systems repeater. Not only was the repeater it's self...

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WB6KHP 220 MHz Install

WB6KHP ‪220 MHz install! Thanks and welcome to the BridgeCom Systems family. ‪"The BCR-220 224.54- repeater is not replacing old equipment, but is a new channel for our group. The performance of our BCR-220 repeater has been outstanding. We have had...

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You Can't Go Wrong With BridgeCom!

I just got off the phone with Ron with a few questions and I have to say he is a great guy and informative. I really like their products and hope to continue to do business with them in the...

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