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The SkyBridge MAX is out NOW! Our Newest Hotspot is flying off the shelves, Check it out HERE! >>

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Best Sounding Repeater: Norfolk, VA ARES BCR-220 Install

Best Sounding Repeater: Norfolk, VA ARES BCR-220 Install

KD6FIG Norfolk, VA ARES BCR-220 Repeater

We are very proud of our new BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 (220 MHz) Repeater. Recently Norfolk ARES received an invitation to help set up a new repeater site. Immediately we set up a committee to decide how best to use the new opportunity. Other than the usual choices I suggested it would best serve everyone if we included 220. The repeater will be located in downtown Norfolk, VA for use by Norfolk ARES during emergency activation and disaster communications.

Installation was a breeze with the matched duplexer. With the preprogrammed setup the transmitter was on the air within minutes. And the audio is just like BridgeCom promised it would be. This has to be the best sounding 220 repeater I have ever heard.

The repeater is housed in a weatherproof cabinet that will be installed indoors protected from dust and heat.

It will be operating independently under the call sign KD6FIG At 224.180 while sharing the cabinet with two other repeaters operated by KC2HTT on 147.075 and 442.450 using Yaesu Fusion System repeaters joined with an Arcom RC210 controller. For the antenna, we decided to use a single Comet tri-band antenna and a modified Comet triplexer that we changed out the coaxial leads with LMR-240N and added N connectors to reduce any feed line loss. For backup power, we have installed 2 135amp 12v batteries. We estimate the batteries should last about 24hrs. The transmitter site is located on the scenic Norfolk waterfront and will be at 324ft above ground, that should cover the Tidewater area very well. Feed line loss will be kept to a minimum with only 20 feet of LMR400 to the antenna. All radios and devices in the cabinet are grounded and attached the main building ground bar using R56 grounding standards. Also, we are using the latest in lightning and power surge protection.

Going with BridgeCom Systems has been the best choice I could have made. The price was right on and the service department is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to solve any issue. You can bet I will tell everyone about your products.
Thank you BridgeCom.

Richard Stanley / KD6FIG
EC Norfolk VA ARES

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