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Best bang for the buck repeater on the market! August 28, 2017 16:15

Best bang for the buck repeater on the market!

And the product support is the best I've ever experienced.

I ALWAYS program and tune my own repeaters and duplexers because I want to get the best possible performance.

But I ordered mine completely programmed with duplexer installed.

Upon arrival I checked the repeater and duplexer tuning on the service monitor and they were tuned to perfection!

These guys are the real deal!
-N8EKT from

Lake Washington Ham Club Installs New BCR-220 Repeater August 03, 2017 10:51

The new BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 Repeater went in recently and seems to have great range.  One report said as much as 70 miles from the repeater site.

Don said, "Yeah, we have a great location. Our repeaters are on top of a 500-foot hill, with the antennas on 120-foot tower. We share a location with some city-owned equipment, which have diesel backup generators, and we get power from those generators if the mains go down. It is a pretty sweet setup."

BCR-220 Repeater Lake Washington Ham ClubWell it sure looks great in the rack and I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come! Here are the specs if you are in the area.  

220Mhz Repeater: Analog
Output Frequency: 224.36 MHz
Offset: -1.6 MHz
PL Tone: 103.5 Hz
Output Power: 30 watts
Antenna: Decibel Products 4-bay Dipole Array
(NOTE: The 220MHz repeater is *NOT* linked to any of the other repeaters) 

Location: Kirkland, WA – Rose Hill neighborhood, elevation approximately 500 feet above sea level.
All antennas are on a 120-foot tower.
Repeaters are equipped with diesel generator emergency power.
Coverage area: Central Puget Sound Basin: Everett to Federal Way, and the western slopes of the Cascades to the west side of the Kitsap Peninsula.

The Lake Washington Ham Club has other repeaters up in the area too. You can find out more information about their repeaters and other club information at their web site,

The Lake Washington Ham Club - Creating a community of amateur HAM radio operators of all ages!

If you need information about a BridgeCom BCR Repeater click here.

Lake Washington Ham Club BCR-220 Repeater Install

BCS-200 Speaker Mic Superb TX & RX Audio! June 29, 2017 13:27 1 Comment

Superb TX & RX Audio!
This speaker mic was a gift for my son to use with his HT. I love the crisp TX audio from it, and he says that the RX audio is really clear when he clips it near shoulder. If you don't have a BridgeCom HT, this mic will still work with most if not all of the cheap Chinese radios and will make them actually sound decent on the air. I know because I tested it out on a Baofeng that I use as a paperweight (because the TX audio is horrible and muddy), and with this mic it actually sounds amazing. Another plus is the fact that this mic has a headphone plug in it so you can use just about any headphones/earbuds, etc to listen if you need to. Just plug them into the jack that's on the mic. Yes, you can get cheaper Chinese hand mics on Amazon, but they are NOT going to sound good. Spend a few bucks more and sound like a million bucks on the air!

Great BCH-220 HT Software June 29, 2017 09:49

John Walker, K9SVL
Great Software
Bought the 220MHz radio while I was at Dayton Hamvention and then ordered the programming software. The software certainly makes adding repeater frequencies to the memory channels a snap.

BCH-220 1.25m HT

So easy, BCR-50V Repeater May 26, 2017 08:27

Glenn B.

So easy, BCR-50V Repeater
I kept trying to find the hard button. It is SO EASY, you just hook it up and push a few easy buttons and SNAP you are on the air. I will tell everyone I know this is the best value in Ham repeaters.

BCR-50V Repeater, Five Stars April 05, 2017 16:14

Kenneth K, KK4TES: Our club had a Hi Pro MK 1 repeater that needed replaced due to its age and reliability. After some research we decided on the BCR-50V repeater with its 50 watt continuous duty. We have been completely satisfied with the repeater and customer service. The repeater was plug and play and has been running with no problems since installation in late January 2017 and we have had good feedback from all the users. Thanks BridgeCom for a great repeater great price and excellent customer service and follow up after the sale.

D-500 DMR HT Has features competitor doesn't offer, Five Stars April 05, 2017 16:11

Ivan, W4SNP: I bought a VHF and UHF version of the D-500 for amateur radio use in my area. The VHF DMR system seems to be down (even my Moto radio cannot access it any more). However the UHF radio works great, this radio has no problem getting into repeaters from the long distance I live and in the car. The D-500 appears to have a better case than its competitor along with painted numbers on the channel selector switch and lines on the control knobs. Even though they both appear to be the same radio the D-500 seems to function better than the competitors my brother bought. I would recommend this radio over the competitors even though there is a cost difference mainly because of the service I got from BridgeCom. I had a slight problem using the programming software they quickly found a solution that worked. Something you cannot find with the average auction house vendors online

Supper Bitchen 220 HT, Five Stars April 05, 2017 16:07

Matt L: Not some cheep Baoufeng Ht so common with so many cheep hams. Is that what HAM stands for any way, HAM = "Haven't Any Money"

Tekk D-500, Five Stars April 05, 2017 16:03

AL7OC: I recently purchased a Tekk D-500 and the radio has worked well. Customer service is very responsive. The only problem that I had initially was that the downloadable Tekk CPS would not allow me to program 25 kHz FM channels for legacy amateur repeaters. It took a little work to get it, but I now have CPS which will let me do that. The default Part 90 compliant CPS will only allow 12.5 kHz channel bandwidth. Make sure that you get the right CPS if you plan on only using the radio for amateur service. 

Low cost, high quality entry into DMR HT's; Five Stars April 05, 2017 14:40

KG7TPX: This is a rugged HT with a super long-lasting Li-ion battery and a great color screen. The TEKK D-500 is a low cost way into DMR communications. If you haven't already read it, see the ARRL review article in the March 2017 magazine ( The article really helped me get started with programming the radio. Once you get to know the local talkgroups and you get the "code plug" right, the radio itself is intuitive and easy to operate. Although the included rubber duck worked with the stronger repeaters, when I hooked up my Comet GP-3 to the D-500, the QSOs really opened up. Just get the right antenna cable convertors (the radio is SMA-male). I'm one of those who sees how far I can go without reading the manual which in this case wasn't a big problem. The manual is not great (too little detail when needed and too much detail when not needed). It lacks descriptions of the HT screen icons and other nice-to-have explanations. But there are YouTube videos and good information on Facebook. The Pacific Northwest DMR group (PNW) provides a lot of very helpful documentation for DMR beginners on up. And as others have said, the folks at BridgeCom Systems are very helpful. 

Best Sounding Repeater: Norfolk, VA ARES BCR-220 Install January 12, 2017 10:32

KD6FIG Norfolk, VA ARES BCR-220 Repeater

We are very proud of our new BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 (220 MHz) Repeater. Recently Norfolk ARES received an invitation to help set up a new repeater site. Immediately we set up a committee to decide how best to use the new opportunity. Other than the usual choices I suggested it would best serve everyone if we included 220. The repeater will be located in downtown Norfolk, VA for use by Norfolk ARES during emergency activation and disaster communications.

Installation was a breeze with the matched duplexer. With the preprogrammed setup the transmitter was on the air within minutes. And the audio is just like BridgeCom promised it would be. This has to be the best sounding 220 repeater I have ever heard.

The repeater is housed in a weatherproof cabinet that will be installed indoors protected from dust and heat.

It will be operating independently under the call sign KD6FIG At 224.180 while sharing the cabinet with two other repeaters operated by KC2HTT on 147.075 and 442.450 using Yaesu Fusion System repeaters joined with an Arcom RC210 controller. For the antenna, we decided to use a single Comet tri-band antenna and a modified Comet triplexer that we changed out the coaxial leads with LMR-240N and added N connectors to reduce any feed line loss. For backup power, we have installed 2 135amp 12v batteries. We estimate the batteries should last about 24hrs. The transmitter site is located on the scenic Norfolk waterfront and will be at 324ft above ground, that should cover the Tidewater area very well. Feed line loss will be kept to a minimum with only 20 feet of LMR400 to the antenna. All radios and devices in the cabinet are grounded and attached the main building ground bar using R56 grounding standards. Also, we are using the latest in lightning and power surge protection.

Going with BridgeCom Systems has been the best choice I could have made. The price was right on and the service department is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to solve any issue. You can bet I will tell everyone about your products.
Thank you BridgeCom.

Richard Stanley / KD6FIG
EC Norfolk VA ARES

For more information on a BCR-220 Repeater or other BCR Repeaters

BCR-220 Spec Sheet


My Gosh My New BCM-220 Mobile January 03, 2017 14:30

I received my BCM-220 for Christmas, and today I finally got to program the Lansing Michigan 220 repeater in and OH my gosh, it was so easy, the manual is great. Boy the microphone is so heavy [ I had to laugh] you could use it for self defense if need be. I tested it on a dummy load with 5 watts 12 miles from the repeater and it came up full quieting.
I will text you pictures as soon as I get an antenna up out side for I build my own antennas using the Hustler mobile base coils with 8 radials made from stainless steel. I use a Bird 43 meter to tune them in at center frequencies to have an absolute flat SWR. Meanwhile I am just going to just listen to the repeater till I get the antenna up, so I will keep in touch and will be spreading the word about BridgeCom 220 radios.
Al Wright, KE8DR
To be as happy as Al get your BCM-220 Mobile today!
BridgeCom Systems BCM-220 Mobile

N4SQV BCR-220 Repeater Install December 29, 2016 16:34

N4SQV BCR-220 RepeaterThanks to N4SQV, Pat Dixon, for the BCR-220 Repeater install pictures. It is one of the cleanest installs I have seen using a BridgeCom Repeater. He also wants to thank Brandon Heil, KJ4KMA as the driving force behind the project. 

If you are traveling in or around Jefferson County, Kentucky, just South of Louisville. Search for TX 224.180 RX 222.580 PL Tone 100.0 and check in. Tell them Tim at BridgeCom sent you :) 

Pat said it sets, "100 foot up on tower, 900 feet above Sea level. It uses 7/8" hard line with a Hustler G7 antenna ."

To buy your own BCR-220 Repeater, start here



N4SQV BCR-220 Repeater Tower




Reviews, Reviews, Reviews December 13, 2016 14:54

Ed Thompson K1KZP
BCH-220 is nice
While purchasing my BCR-220 repeater, I decided "oh what the heck why not try a BCH-220' and added it to my order. I like it very much and use it frequently. I particularly like the size and ease of programming. My only critique is the lack of a bar graph for power/signal strength. The signal coming from my BCR-220 is so strong causing a full quieting condition that unless someone is speaking, I can not sometimes tell if there is a signal at all except by turning the volume way up and confirming it. Nice job BridgeCom.

BCR-220 Repeater

Brian Hunt
First off this is a very unassuming looking unit. It's something you'd expect to see on a law enforcement official, dock worker or being thrown on the seat of a contractors truck.

New GMRS BCR-40U Repeater WQVD239 in Montana August 08, 2016 10:57

WQVD239 looking great in Montana.  Thanks KC7YTK  for sharing! If you need a BCR Repeater for GMRS, Commercial or Ham radio, let us know. For more information:…/bcr-re…/products/bcr-40du

BridgeCom does it again April 04, 2016 11:05

Keith K.       5 stars

I purchased my first BridgeCom unit almost two years ago after building a relationship with Ron and becoming convinced he would stand behind whatever purchase I made. I was not disappointed and have stayed in contact with Ron since that time watching as the company has grown. Having need for a repeater for our transportation department there was only one option in my mind so I again contacted Ron for a UHF machine. Again, the support of the company and the quality of the product have been outstanding. Price, features, and support are untouched by others.


BridgeCom Systems BCR Repeater

BridgeCom Systems Repeaters

Excellent service, Love the BCR 50 Repeater February 01, 2016 08:32

Excellent service, Love the BCR 50 Repeater
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I like how easy is to program, for info and service fast answers to any request. I do recommend this Excellent seller. They go out of their way to help you.
Harry Lamourt

Happy with BridgeCom Systems BCR-40U Repeater for GMRS December 22, 2015 10:45

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the BCR-40U repeater that I purchased. It is being used BridgeCom Systems BCR-40U GMRS Repeateras a GMRS repeater in NE Oregon. I purchased the repeater in the low split, so i can easily reprogram for ham. The audio is very clear. I had a user comment that he had difficulty noticing the repeater was active without the squelchtail programmed. Great customer service, with free programming. I purchased the programming kit for minor tweaking, but it worked great upon delivery. Great product at a nice price!

BridgeCom Repeater solves School Communication December 14, 2015 14:10

Do you need a repeater for school or campus coverage. Here is what one principal said bout the BridgeCom Systems BCR-40DU Repeater.
My (school) campus coverage issues are solved with the (BridgeCom Systems) repeater which is working flawlessly. My FD is encouraging me to try and relocate it to their station which has a tall mast so I can achieve more town-wide coverage and let it serve as a back-up for theirs.  - Joe, High School Principle

Bridge Com 220 MHz Install in NC, KC4IRA September 04, 2015 11:56

I purchased a 220 MHz repeater from these guys (BridgeCom Systems, Inc) and love it. Looking to purchase a 440 machine from them in a few weeks. I wish they made a 900 machine. Thank you guys for the phone help with my amp that l had for a few years. Great folks. I would recommend these guys to anyone in the market for a repeater.

My new 220 machine in Gastonia, NC installed up on Crowders Mountain.

BridgeCom BCR-220 Install in NC KC4IRAView from KC4IRA Tower BridgeCom 220 MHz repeater below

Thank you for all you guys help. Love my 220 repeater from you guys.

Scott KC4IRA

BCR-40U Everything Worked Perfect! August 19, 2015 09:11

I want to thank all who helped puttingBridgeCom BCR-40U UHF Repeater and Epcom Duplexer  
my order together ..everything worked perfect ... again thank
you very much.
James KA6GRF
BCR-40U with Duplexer

BridgeCom 2m Repeater: Nothing but Good Things July 07, 2015 15:57

BridgeCom BCR-50V 2m RepeaterI have a BridgeCom 2 meter repeater and I have nothing but good things to say about the repeater. I think it has audio that will rival repeaters costing thousands more along with the reliability and ease of programming make it a great system, and your support is always there to assist when needed. I have called on them several times with questions and got the answers I needed almost immediately...


5 Star Rating 2m VHF BridgeCom Systems Repeater July 01, 2015 11:51

William KK4CWX  5 star 

We have a 2 meter and it works excellent and look forward to purchasing another or more.

BridgeCom Systems BCR-50V Repeater

Superstition Amateur Radio Club VHF and UHF Install "Running like Champs" June 30, 2015 23:30

Superstition Amateur Radio Club Usery Pass VHF and UHF Bridgecom Systems, Inc. Repeaters installed and running like champs from our new Mountain top radio site. Many thanks to Ron for his support

W7WRG 220 MHz and UHF Install Western Washington Radio Group June 29, 2015 09:12 6 Comments

Thursday June 25, we installed w7wrg repeaters, 224.58 (103.5) and 441.950 (131.8) repeaters on Buck mountain just slightly northwest of Seattle in the Olympic mountains at approximately 3,800 feet. These repeaters are using an external Arcom RC210 controller with a Kenwood tm-271a 2m remote base and a Reecom weather radio interfaced to the system.

 W7WRG BridgeCom 220 MHz and UHF Repeater Install

Initial reports are "good audio" excellent sensitivity and so forth. Yes, the repeaters are driving Henry amplifiers for their respective bands. Heavy usage since installation from both mobiles and hams with hand held radios up and down western Washington State. In addition, another station on Thursday afternoon checked in from Orcas Island out in the San Juan chain of islands to congratulate the group of guys doing the installation.

We are already considering my next 220 BridgeCom repeater purchase and we want to thank Ron for his assistance in providing some small changes to the firmware accommodating the amateur community. These features incorporated better control over the encoder and decoders by the Arcom RC210 three port controller. 73 and thanks for a great product!

Brian, k5in trustee for the w7wrg Western Washington Radio Group

Arcom RC210 to BridgeCom BCR repeater cable connection diagram


K2XDX BridgeCom Systems 220 MHz 1.25m Repeater Install June 26, 2015 08:31

Thanks for your amateur ham radio business K2XDX! Good looking BCR-220 MHz 1.25m repeater install!


Retired a Spectrum Communications Repeater

K7DRA BCR-220 MHz Repeater Install June 19, 2015 09:39 1 Comment

K7DRA WQUQ252 Install Using BridgeCom Systems BCR-220 1.25m 220 MHz FM Repeater at 8800 Ft in Rock Springs, WY.

"Thanks again for a great piece of equipment."
Dave K7DRA

K7DRA 220 MHz BCR-220 Repeater Install

147.020 BridgeCom Repeater @KJ4I Hamilton, AL May 27, 2015 10:13

The original repeater at the site finally gave out after years of service and had to be replaced. After considering the many options available it was decided to go with a Bridgecom Systems repeater. Not only was the repeater it's self changed out but many more improvements were made in the process. Short of replacing the antenna and feedline, all other electrical and coaxial connections were replaced with brand new products as the original's had become worn and problematic. This lead to other problems within the system as things had fallen into a state of disrepair. As of the present, with repairs made and new equipment in place the repeater is working better than ever. There are more improvements that are being planned and considered to only make things even better. These improvements and additions will come as time and finances permit.

Jason B Rawls

WB6KHP 220 MHz Install April 29, 2015 15:18

WB6KHP 220 MHz Repeater InstallWB6KHP 220 MHz install! Thanks and welcome to the BridgeCom Systems family. "The BCR-220 224.54- repeater is not replacing old equipment, but is a new channel for our group. The performance of our BCR-220 repeater has been outstanding. We have had users communicate through it while driving 150 miles away."  - Tom

You Can't Go Wrong With BridgeCom! April 24, 2015 16:40

I just got off the phone with Ron with a few questions and I have to say he is a great guy and informative. I really like their products and hope to continue to do business with them in the future. You can't go wrong with a BridgeCom Systems, Inc. repeater!!!

BridgeCom Repeater is a Winner April 24, 2015 16:38

My CS-540 operates flawlessly and is very easy to make programming changes to. I think, if you compare features and quality received for dollars spent, the BridgeCom will win hands down.
Gerald Kerler, WD4GTJ / WQFZ754
BCR Repeater shown

BCR Repeater

TL-NET LTR Site Networking April 24, 2015 11:23

We needed an IP-based solution to network our seven LTR repeater sites together across SW Missouri. The system has worked very well and the support has been great.
John Rayfield, Jr., Rayfield Communications,Inc.
TL-NET GatewayTL-NET Controller

Eastern Communications MV Series Solution April 24, 2015 11:02

We've completely enhanced our MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect system with BridgeCom Systems' MV-IPSC1. We have 10 sites of MOTOTBRO linked.

Richard Kowalski
Eastern Communications