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AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS is a GREAT Radio - Review by Phil W

AnyTone AT-D878uv is a GREAT radio

"I purchased a D878uv from Bridgecom Systems a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. Bridgecom shipping, service, and support are top notch.

I'm completely happy with my 878. It feels good in my hand, and the audio quality is excellent. Tip -- Go into radio settings item # 10 and turn on Mic Enhance. it significantly improves your outgoing voice quality. You won't regret buying this radio.

My favorite feature of the 878 is channel zones. I've set up zones for local VHF repeaters, UHF repeaters, statewide repeaters, weather frequencies, marine frequencies, and my hotspots. Within a hotspot zone, I've set a list of my favorite BrandMeister talkgroups. Once you get used to grouping channels in zones, it's really tough to go back to a conventional HT where you have to scroll through 80+ channels to find the one you want.

There's a fairly steep learning curve to get started with DMR and get the 878 codeplug built. If you can find someone with a codeplug for your area, use it for a startpoint. Otherwise, watch the recommended YouTube videos. Once you get it working, you're going to love it. I had a QSO with a guy in China last night while I was in my recliner.

It's wonderful that the radio has space for 160k contacts. I've got the entire BrandMeister user database loaded. When I'm on DMR, the name and location of people pop up as they talk.

Whoever designed the radio and programming software must have had experience with Motorola or other commercial radios, because the features you can program are so similar. Most of the buttons can be programmed for the function you want. There's a "man down" feature that sends an alert if the radio falls. The blue button on the top corresponds to the yellow button on the top of Motorola radios. And there are other features that are very much like programming a $7k Motorola commercial radio.

I happened to buy a Yaesu FT3DR around the same time I bought the 878, so I've done a lot of comparisons between them. IMO, the 878 is a much better radio in spite of being less than half the price. the FT3DR has a tiny speaker that cuts out all but the highest frequencies. It doesn't have zones. Selecting a talkgroup is a pain. Everything about the FT3DR seems primitive compared to the 878."  - Phil W

Get your very own AnyTone 878 Dual-band DMR radio here:

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