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BridgeCom Testimonials

  • “hasn't missed a beat performs like clockwork”
    April 24, 2019 Jared Farouki

    “hasn't missed a beat performs like clockwork”

    Been using the BCR-40U Repeater for my GMRS system here in Pittsburgh,Pa for about 2 years now and it hasn't missed a beat performs like clockwork and i can't say enough about the support from these people even when i had a dumb questions they were more than happy to take as much time as needed on answering my questions (and i had alot).
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  • Video Testimonial of BridgeCom Systems by T. H. Merritt, KL5YJ
    August 29, 2018 Cody Cameron

    Video Testimonial of BridgeCom Systems by T. H. Merritt, KL5YJ

    Listen to T. H. Merritt, KL5YJ, President of the Rural Radio Preparedness Association in Milton, Florida. If you would like more information on our repeater systems, we invite you to check out this page: 

    "One of the best decisions we ever made was going with BridgeCom." "It's solid, safe, and dependable." "If you need EmComm, you need BridgeCom." Thank you for your video testimonial, KL5YJ. Call us at 816-532-8451 or

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  • Video Testimonial: Bart Jones
    March 23, 2018 Daniel Kochanowicz

    Video Testimonial: Bart Jones

    While at the Lincoln Ham Fest we recorded a video of Bart Jones giving a glowing testimonial of our BridgeCom Systems BCR repeaters.



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  • New Reviews!!
    March 12, 2018 Tim King

    New Reviews!!

    Anytone AT-D868UV Great radio for a great price Nick K. 03/06/18 This is my first venture into DMR. I can say that I'm very pleased with my choice to make this the first radio. The build quality is solid, has a...

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  • BridgeCom does it again
    April 4, 2016 Tim King

    BridgeCom does it again

    Keith K.       5 stars I purchased my first BridgeCom unit almost two years ago after building a relationship with Ron and becoming convinced he would stand behind whatever purchase I made. I was not disappointed and have stayed in contact...

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