Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver

$ 425.00

Portable and Powerful

The Xiegu G90— a powerful radio—is the ultimate transceiver for beginning in HF radio. This SDR HF rig is completely jam-packed with everything your mind could imagine.

Do you desire to rip the front plate off your radios? Every G90 comes with a detachable faceplate/display head. This removable display is excellent for when you’re installing it in your Ham Shack, vehicle, or taking it backpacking.

The Xiegu G90 is enjoyed by thousands of HF radio operators worldwide because it delivers on many promises. A detachable front panel, automatic antenna tuner, waterfall display, and 20W of RF power, and so much more. And it does all of this for only $425.

All-Mode All-Band HF Mobile Radio for only $425.00!