AnyTone 878UVII w/ SkyBridge Hotspot Plug & Play Package

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Rated 4.9 (Excellent) (by over 2421+ happy customers!)
Rated 4.9 (Excellent) (by over 2421+ happy customers!)

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Tim Chismar
Awesome Equipment and Performance

Before I had gotten the SkyBridge Max Dual Band Digital Hotspot and AT-D878UVII PLUS, I admit I was intimidated. However Digital (DMR) radio is not that hard at all, from writing your own codeplugs to making your first contact. I was up and running 15 minutes after I hooked everything up. That 15 minutes was just reviewing the user manuals. I think DMR has a huge future with more capabilities, this is only the beginning.

Marco Helten
This is the perfect package for the dumb and lazy...

Hey, what's wrong with you ham radio operators, even considering buying a "ready made" package, instead of getting yourself into the topic and create things for less than a quarter of the price yourself ? - The offer here is much too expencive for what you get in return, better buy a CB radio instead, if you are not willing to deal with the nescessary background knowledge for DMR...

Michael McKamey
Plug 'n Play DMR

I spent some time trying to get a digital HT to do DMR but without any luck. Frustrated, I bought the plug and play from Bridgecom with hotspot and it has worked beautifully. My only comment is eis a noob one, what are the other channels used for? Some are obvious ("SKY USA", for example) but others not so much. Is there any reference materials that identify these channels? Thanks.

james meyer meyer
Plug and Play

The pkg works great out of the box. AnyTone HT is the best. The Hotspot is overpriced. The UPS shipping was really UPS/SurePost. Once UPS hands it off to the PO, forget it, it sucked. You should use UPS, or Priority Mail. SurePost? not so much. Overall.. still happy.


Awesome product. Works as stated.

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