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David Anziano
WOW Good

Nice 878 HT radio, and Skybridge hotspot is great, the Courses help you to learn DMR using the equipment you just bought..... but it helps a lot to figure out similar equipment, like my TYT HT Radio.

Alvin Sewell
Very Happy with the BridgeCom Plug and Play Package

The system came as advertised in two days and was operational in mere minutes after unboxing the components. It is really a pleasure to have the ham radio experience on 24/7, regardless of the conditions. There is always someone to talk to and interesting people to meet. I was very pleased with the quality of the Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus and the Skybridge Plus Hotspot. Both are easy to use and are solid pieces of equipment. The technical support from BridgeCom is superb and friendly. I highly recommend the Plug and Play Premiem Package to anyone wanting to get into DMR communications.

william coulson
The small picture

The radio and the hot spot are spotless, The Anytone radio even rivals Yaesu and Icom equipment, My order came quickly and securely packaged. The internet and university videos need to be updated to current software. Also I find the videos hard to follow due to the small picture of the presentation

Sam Clark
I am totally lost.

All I can find is information about setting up the radio. I have the plug and play. I can't find the pages you show about setting up a code plug or channels or any of that stuff. I have made one contact in Arkansas and checked into a worldwide net one time. I have no idea what all those channels I click on when trying to use the radio. Do you have any information on Plug and Play radio. I must be an Idiot but I'm lost. I also bought the ultra-code plug. What does it do? I hope you can get me working sometime down the road
Thank You
I really do like this radio. i am just lost
Sam Clark

Gregory Aisemberg

I must say, Bridgecom is great. Their customer service is bad... too slow... But their plug and play, is amazing... I am impressed. It's just that this company doesn't care about you once they have made the purchase. I've emailed them several times and have never received a meaningful response. But I wouldn't go back. I love my Plug and Play... it's just that you're left to your own devices. I could do their University videos. More help guys... Oh, also, some new dude told me to but the super code plug after I already bought the Ultra. I emailed them informing them that the ultra already came with everything the super does. No meaningful response. That was $70 for nothing. Did they response? No...no refund. Disappointing.

$ 814.98

Plug and Play Premium Package: AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS w/ SkyBridge MAX Dual Band Digital Hotspot

$ 814.98