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TXRX 2m (VHF) 400W Duplexer

  • All high RF-current components silver-plated for highest performance
  • Vari-Notch® design provides low loss and high isolation in a compact package
  • 144-174 MHz Frequency Range  
  • 0.5 MHz Minimum Freq Separation  
  • Power Rating 400 W 
  • 85 dB  Isolation
  • 1.5 dB Insertion Loss  
  • 4 Cavities
  • 6.625" Dia. Cavity Size 
  • 1.3:1  VSWR
  • 50 Impedance 
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 33" x 19" x 15"
  • N Type Tx-Rx Port Connectors
  • N Type Antenna Connectors
  • -30 to +60 °C Temperature Range
  • 28-37-02A

Item ships dimensional weight at 169 lbs

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    William E. Bastian
    my experience.

    My experience with the TXRX duplexers, and the manufacturer, is excellent. There is a saying in this state either use a TXRX duplexer, or don't put up a repeater.
    In my experience though, the ONLY thing that works with ANY repeater and ANY make of duplexer is use 3/8" superflex Heliax, or equivalent solid copper jacket, coax cable from the repeater receiver input and transmitter outputs to the duplexer. "Double shielded" cable absolutely does not do the job period. I operated a 2 meter repeater for 30 years, another ham in the area with another repeater has had the exact same experience.
    40 years ago, with noisy vacuum tube equipment, you could get away with double shielded coax. Today it is mandatory to use a solid copper outer conductor cable to obtain performance. The TXRX duplexer is EXCELLENT.

    David T.
    TX/RX Duplexer

    RX/TX duplexer is used on our VHF repeater system here in Central Missouri they are tuned on 146.865 TX / 146.265 RX they tuned to 90.3 db isolation on the .600 separation, better than the 85 db . great duplexer.