BCD-144250 250W Amateur and Commercial Duplexer

$ 1,395.00

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks


BridgeCom Systems' BCD-144250 Duplexer for amateur and commercial applications. The BCD-144250 utilizes four high-quality cavities that results in uncompromising duplex isolation. It will handle up to 250W for the most demanding applications. Due to the right material choice and temperature compensated design temperature stability has been achieved.

  • For 144-174 MHz
  • Up to 250 W continuous input power
  • 90dB Isolation
  • Frequency Separation 0.6-15MHz
  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • 485 x 102 x 755mm (19.1 x 4 x 29.75 in)

Lead time is generally 1-3 weeks. If you need something sooner contact us

BCD-144250 Spec Sheet

Customer Reviews

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Bernard Jari (KA9WDX)
Seems To Work OK As Far As I Could Tell

Received the duplexer fairly quickly, seemed a bit expensive but seemed to work OK, only used it for about two weeks, until the BCR-40U repeater's transmit module died on me again for the third time within about 6 months, so the BCD-144250 hasn't been used since, at least until I get one of two repeaters fixed, either the Bridgecom, or one of another brand. I have the BCD-144250 duplexer mounted in an old Motorola Micor Compa-Station, 19-inch rack-mountable repeater cabinet. The one that I received was in a Black case which I actually like better than the color of the one advertised. It says that I can add up to 5 photos optionally, and I'd add one or two, but I can't see where to upload them. Well, I'll click on, "Submit Verified Review" to see whether the photo upload option will appear or not. The option didn't appear, but you can see a photo or two of the BCD-144250 Duplexer mounted in a repeater cabinet on my QRZ page.

Jim O.

Quality built, Fast service, well packed, better than advertised specs, Very happy with everything i have from Bridgecom.