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Steve (N3HWS) is Digging Into DMR

Steve (N3HWS) is Digging Into DMR

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Conversation between Ron, KCØQVT, and Steve, N3HWS.


(Ron)- Hey this is Ron KCØQVT. And I'm here with, Steve Monahan, N3HWS.

(Steve)- Yup.

(Ron)- From Pennsylvania.

(Ron)- He happened to drop in the shop to pick up an 878PLUS today. And turns out he's in the area on business and just wanted to ask him, first of all Steve, how'd you become a ham?

(Steve)- Well I've always been fascinated with the CB.

(Ron)- Yeah.

(Steve)- originally when I was a kid. And then when I started studying to take the technician test, first it was novice, and then technician.

(Ron)- Yup.

(Steve)- Became the tech.

(Ron)- So how long you been a ham?

(Steve)- Since 19… Well I had to renew, 20 years.

(Ron)- Oh wow.

(Steve)- Yeah, so it's been 20.

(Ron)- And you said you're an engineer?

(Steve)- Uh huh.

(Ron)- And you're working as--

(Steve)- I'm a process engineer. So I'm all responsible throughout the world, I fly all over. Handling situations at pharmaceutical companies.

(Ron)- Oh cool. So you're obviously into DMR.

(Steve)- Correct.

(Ron)- Now how did you get into DMR?

(Steve)- We have my colleague Dan N3JCS, he introduced me to it.

(Ron)- Uh huh.

(Steve)- And he's been showing me how everything works. And now we have a DMR channel on our firehouse that we're using.

(Ron)- Oh cool.

(Steve)- So that's kinda, it's like our own private channel now. So that works out.

(Ron)- All right, is that like a talkgroup you have?

(Steve)- Yeah.

(Ron)- Okay, so you're on, are you on--

(Steve)- We're sharing somebody else's channel.

(Ron)- Okay, so is this just a local repeater? Or are you on a network?

(Steve)- We're on a network.

(Ron)- Okay, you know what network it is?

(Steve)- It's the, I can't remember...

(Ron)- BrandMeister?

(Steve)- BrandMeister, that's it.

(Ron)- Okay, so you guys are on that. Cool, yeah, that's a very popular network.

(Steve)- That's it.

(Ron)- A lotta guys are using it.

(Steve)- Yeah, I'm still learning about it.

(Ron)- Yeah, cool. So this your first HT in DMR?

(Steve)- No, I have another one. I have the C700.

(Ron)- Okay.

(Steve)- Which is pretty good, but it doesn't do what I want it to do.

(Ron)- Okay.

(Steve)- And this one's a lot better.

(Ron)- Okay.

(Steve)- The speaker… That was one of the audio with this radio, is very strong.

(Ron)- So you've tried one of these before with your--

(Steve)- Well my friend has one

(Ron)- Okay.

(Steve)- and he was showing me.

(Ron)- All right.

(Steve)- But it's actually better than his Motorola that he has.

(Ron)- Oh wow.

(Steve)- Yeah. As far as communicating, it gets out better, the sounds better.

(Ron)- Nice.

(Steve)- Yeah, and so that was the key.

(Ron)- Well we always love to meet our customers. Like I said, he's doing a job just north of us in St. Joseph, Missouri and on his lunch hour he came down to Smithville and was gonna pick up a radio. And so we're just glad to meet you Steve.

(Steve)- Nice meeting you.

(Ron)- Thanks for stopping by.

(Steve)- And thank you for showing me around the shop.

(Ron)- Yeah, yeah. Well, 73.

(Steve)- 73's.

(Ron)- If you guys wanna join Steve in DMR we got some stuff for you here. So thank you.


(Transcript end)


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