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How to Program BrandMeister Talkgroups Into Your DMR Radio

How to Program BrandMeister Talkgroups Into Your DMR Radio

Did you know you can make more contacts on DMR by using talkgroups?

Many Hams know the difference between enjoying their radio and having a dull experience can fall on the shoulders of how active their talkgroup is. That’s why it’s crucial you know how to correctly program talkgroups into your digital hotspot.

Today we’ll be sharing some easy tips you can use for programming and finding the most active talk groups on Brandmeister. Before I begin let me quickly explain what a talkgroup is.

Now some Hams like to program and set up their own radios, but some of us want the DMR experience without the hassle of programming. You can skip this time-consuming process and get on the air as soon as you get your radio out of the box, with our Plug and Play package. We will program in the 11 most popular talk groups on DMR, including a regional and state talk group specific to you!

Plug and Play Package →

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Steven Knight - September 2, 2021

Well done HOPE that the radios arrived today from L.A.’s San Pedro Harbor. (Used to work there as an L.A. Co. Marshal… times gone by…

I appreciated your recent programming video herein.

I did buy the package you mentioned at the end.


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