How To Fix Low Speaker Mic Volume On Your AnyTone

How To Fix Low Speaker Mic Volume On Your AnyTone


Hi this is Cody from BridgeCom Systems. Some of our customers have reported a low volume from their speaker mic. So today I'm going to tell you how to fix this inconvenience.

Now to fix this, what you want to do is click on Menu, and we're going to go up to Settings and then go to Radio Set.

Then you're going to go down to the bottom, and it's going to be selection number nine, Ear Max Volume, not Max Volume Level. That's going to be for the radio itself. This one is for the actual microphone or speaker that's plugged into it.

So click on it. Now, this radio came on level three. Now put it up to the max, go to level eight, or whatever is comfortable for you, and now it's set.

So hopefully this helps. That's it for now.

This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems, 73.

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Gregory Collins - December 2, 2020

Running an 878 and a SkyBridge with no issues until I plugged in my new mike. Seems to work on analog where volume seems perfect listening to static but when I switch to digital it appears to transmit but speaker is barely audible when communicating to parrot. Might be transmission volume is low? Something is not right.

Kristian Ottosson - September 30, 2020

I want to set the lowest speaker setting lower. Lowest is still too loud.

Ed Glynn - July 13, 2020

And i have tried to re-initialize the radio. Reloaded a new code plug. Nada….frustrating but can’t afford to just chuck it.

Ed Glynn - July 13, 2020

Same issue here. Anytone 878 used to be way too loud. Now with max vol set at 8 on code plug and on radio i have to hold it to my ear to barely hear it.

Mike - April 9, 2020

Same issue as Larry and Keith.

Michael P - April 9, 2020

I’m having a similar issue like Kieth and Larry, the RX or audio out of the radio is so weak that it’s hard to even use. Tried using Bluetooth speaker and headset and the issue persists to other outbound audio devices. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Mel Vin - April 6, 2020

Hi have no audio

Larry - March 30, 2020

Keith – I’m having the same issue with my 878. The RX audio level is super low even with the Max Vol Level set to 8. Did you find a solution?


Keith - February 14, 2020

Since the last update I have low volume from the built in speaker, so much so that I can’t use the radio unless I am in a library. I have the speaker set to level 8, still can barely hear it. Again this happened after the last update. Ended up going back to my cheap Baofeng radio, seems to out perform my AnyTone now at pretty much everything. Ideas? Same happens when I plug in a external mic as well, so quiet now can’t hear a d*** thing.

MArty - December 12, 2019

Not 857, 578 sorry

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