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🎁 This Month ONLY: Buy an 578UVIII Plus, Get 50% OFF a Tri-Band Antenna! Just add both items to your cart, then use code JUNEDEAL at checkout! 🎁

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Why Communication Is Critical for Preppers and Survivalists

Why Communication Is Critical for Preppers and Survivalists

Why Communication is Critical for Preppers and Survivalists. Read Blog. Survival Items scattered along with 878UVII Plus in Background

Almost all preppers and survivalists have a wide variety of essentials prepared for unknown situations. If you have read our previous blog 'Emergency Survival Kit Essentials' you already know exactly what you need to have in order to brace yourself for what's ahead in a hurry. Food, first aid, flashlights and a good knife are all things you will need. And while it's important to have the basics when living everyday like a survival situation, there's another tool that rises above most of these other needs that you must ensure your equipped with.

It's not only a tool, it's a skill, and a path to survival, all-in-one. This all-encompassing component is the power of communication, and it's absolutely critical that preppers and survivalists are utilizing it in every way possible. Here are some reasons why communication is so critical for Preppers and Survivalists.

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Some Forms May be Unreliable

Why is communication so reliable to preppers and survivalists? Because a lot of people don't have a back up form of communication. People are so used to using cellphones day in and day out, that they may not be thinking about what could happen if something outside of their control effected their ability to communicate with their cellphone. That's where preppers can come in and provide a little stability back into the world. Without cellphone communication, things would be dire, but preppers and survivalists should be equipped with a two-way radio(or many), so they can ensure that all communications are not lost when other, less reliable forms start to fail. Ensure your communication during dire situations with a handheld 878UVII Plus, or a 578UVIII Plus Mobile for comms on the go.

Keeping Track of Close Ones

Consistent communication could be the difference in locating your family during a crisis, and being left in the dark to wonder what kind of situation they may be in. Simply equipping your family members with radios and having an escape plan is a great way to provide some peace of mind before any unfortunate event takes place. Relying on cellphones to text or call back and forth could be a detriment to your plans if the cell tower grid is down or connection during a natural disaster is impossible. The simple PTT feature of a Buddy FRS radio or Echo GMRS radio provides quick, reliable communications to family members that may not have access to cellphone capabilities. Equip your family and make sure you have multiple ways to connect and endure your surroundings.

Consider arming yourself with the APRS RX and TX capability of the 878UVII Plus. This ability allows you to beacon your location and see other operators on your radio so you can keep track of the people that mean the most.

Information and Updates

Communication is one of the only ways that you will ever be able to get information about what may be happening around you, and also may be your only way to identify plans from other institutions on how to move forward. That's just another reason why it's so vital. In an unsafe and possibly harmful situation, it's likely communication through social media and cell phones are diminishing, or completely unavailable. You must make sure you have multiple ways to receive updates so that you know the latest on where to head for safety, how you should proceed, and the overall state of your community.

Reach Those Who Have Found Safety

If there is a safe haven or a place you can go to for help, without communication you may not even know it exists. A community that has secured it's own borders and has ensured it's own safety will likely be attempting to contact and help those from neighboring communities that still need assistance. Once again, this may not be a situation where you can just whip out your cell phone and make a call. You may need to attempt over and over to make a contact until you finally get through to someone. The fact that you can even attempt to make a contact through radio communication puts you on a plane above and beyond what a normal citizen that is not equipped with radio communication can do. Use your two-way to reach out to those that may have already found their way to safety and you may soon find yourself safe and sound as well. Relay this information to the rest of your network and your community is now enjoying the benefits of your ability to communicate.

Be an Asset for Your Community

Someone has to step up in the face of danger and it might as well be you. Your communication skills make you a vital piece of the emergency infrastructure of your community. You have the ability to be an asset in this situation. Just like we've already stated, a typical citizen of the U.S. won't be nearly as well-equipped to face something like this. That means it's your turn to step up and be the voice for those around you. Communicate to other authorities what your situation is, who you are with, and what you may need, and you could provide a helping hand to others in your community that may be in worse shape.

Spreading Knowledge and Wisdom

Communication is the key to information. Your ability to get in contact with other two-way radio users allows you to use your wisdom and guidance to improve the situations of those around you. Maybe it is a survival technique, maybe it is coordinates to a location you know is safe. With a two-way radio, you have the means to spread new and previous knowledge to benefit those around you. Use what you know to make your community better-able to handle the current situation. Remember that if properly equipped, you can be one of the most-important resources in the area, particularly post-emergency.

Urgent Emergency Communications and Forming a Plan

Communication during a crisis, a natural disaster, or invasion is the most vital period of time as it is the most dangerous. When an active dangerous situation is ongoing, one of the best defenses against it is a clear plan and clear comms. This is also one of the most difficult times to communicate as there is likely plenty of chaos and misinformation post-disaster. Being able to receive intelligence from emergency communication sources will be important in defining the next steps to make it out on the other end.

It's important to not only receive emergency communication information, but also to be able to deliver it to those around you that may not have gotten the message. Having clear, reliable, communication during the chaos helps you to form your own plan, helps others around you form a plan, and provides information you need to ensure you are taking the best path to survive.

The next time your checking off the items on your emergency survival kit list, make sure that a communication tool is at the top of that list. Whether you're using it to form a plan, informing your neighbors of the latest, or reaching out to a safety outpost, communication will always be critical to the survival and stability of all preppers and survivalists. Ensure you are making the most out of your critical communications and are ready to step up if things get bad. You may be the person your community needs to rely on.
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