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Echo GMRS Radio

    Introducing the BridgeCom Systems Echo Series—A modern GMRS radio for the practical user, no experience needed.

    Managing a property and organizing your communications has never been easier. With the BridgeCom Echo, you'll never have to worry about being out of the loop with those you need to maintain contact with. Clear sound quality, long-lasting charge and powerful range means that better days are finally here.

    Key Benefits:

    • Solid Feel of a Professional Radio
    • 3 Watts of Transmit Power 
    • 8 Repeater Channels
    • Simple but Powerful (No Confusing controls)
    • PC programmable (Programming Cable Included)
    • Pedestal Charger
    • Rechargeable Li-ION Battery
    • Multiple Available Accessories
    • Detachable Belt Clip



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      Based on 5 reviews
      Jim K
      Echo Radio thoughts

      Very nice radio. Feels solid. Accessories are very good too. However, … field use, the radio has limitations. Primarily any changes to power settings, CTCSS changes in the field and you are totally out of luck. You can only make changes on your home computer. Power setting changes in the field are not possible. If you don’t need that much power, you are stuck. (You could go to FRS freqs)

      Midland has more features. The price of the Echo is very high. If you are purchasing from out of country, you can expect to end up paying double. This time BridgeCom put a label on the shipping box for Customs - amateur radio no duty. Thank you. That did work out well.
      I got nailed on my Anytone gear from Customs last time hard.

      Do I like the radio, yes.
      Am I happy with the purchase, almost yes.
      Would I send it back, no.
      I accept the radio with its limitations, yes.
      Would I buy a 2nd one, no.

      What would I pay for another Echo, $50-$55 USD.
      $99 USD on sale,… is high for what you get.

      BridgeCom you have good products and service. Hopefully I was comparing apple to apples.
      Thank you.

      David Cantrell
      Good GMRS radio for families and kids

      The price is right on this radio and the ease of use is great. The battery lasts a long time and the build is solid. I do not like the programming software where all GMRS channels are preset and you can only change tones. I would like the ability to move channels around at least. The main reason for that is to sync up a mix of radio brands for use on a repeater and then being to tell everyone "we're on channel 2" and no matter what radio you're on, channel 2 is the repeater. The spoken channel number is ok and eliminates the need for a display, so battery life is longer. But I really don't like it. I'd rather the channel selector just be numbered (could every other number like you see on Motorola radios) and then you can visually select the channel. The speaker quality leaves a bit to be desired. My hearing is not what is used to be and I find this radio a little harder to hear, though I like my Motorola radios that bellow out all audio. The kids like the Echo though, works great for them. The antenna is a tradeoff for a radio this size, but I find the included one is ok for most uses. Replacing it with a Diamond SMA antenna greatly improved performance at the expense of having a gigantic antenna on this handheld. Most kids don't like that.

      James Aldrich
      My echo Journey

      Hi again all,

      I forgot to mention in my recent review that the echo battery lasts forever it seems on a charge! I can listen to the repeater or Broadwater School for hours!

      Jim WROX23

      Monvel Maskew
      Just works perfect!

      This is a great radio when you have family members who are not hams. One license covers the entire family and the units work perfectly.

      Elaine Payne
      Enjoying GMRS

      My husband and I own the ECHO GMRS Radios and like them very much. Great signal and coverage and a good solid feel. We will be ordering another radio for our son for Christmas.