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Great Radio & Great Vendor

Great Radio & Great Vendor


Highly recommend this radio AND Bridgecom Systems, Inc.. Chuck has been a great help. This radio performs great on both FM and DMR, and VHF and UHF. This is a great way to get into Amateur Radio and have both FM and DMR capability. You can learn a lot with this radio. I highly recommend the NA-701 antenna, if Bridgecom hasn't already included it for you. It performs better than the stock, and looks nice too. Don't be fooled by cheap online listings for it, by it here from a legit vendor, and be sure you get a genuine antenna. Bridgecom goes the extra mile, as you can see with their channel, and even the dedicated support page for this radio where you will find the Videos, Downloads, and reviews. I thought I had a problem with the GPS/APRS, and contacted Chuck. He was patient, and helped me do some further testing before learning that really there wasn't a problem. I have enjoyed this radio, and it's perfect for those that want to carry one radio if you use a Part 90 radio at work.

Patrick W.

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