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📣 Hamvention Sale Now LIVE! Celebrate the Biggest Ham Radio Event of the Year with HUGE Savings! 📣

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BridgeCom Testimonials

  • August 30, 2019 Daniel Kochanowicz

    AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS is a GREAT Radio - Review by Phil W

    There are other features that are very much like programming a $7k Motorola commercial radio....

    I happened to buy a Yaesu FT3DR around the same time I bought the 878, so I've done a lot of comparisons between them. IMO, the 878 is a much better radio in spite of being less than half the price.....

    I'm completely happy with my 878. It feels good in my hand, and the audio quality is excellent....

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  • Jason Goeschs Story
    July 25, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Jason Goeschs Story

    “Last fall I got diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS. So I am trying to do as much with my kids as I can. The old micor repeater we had was damaged by lightening that came in on the AC mains through the power supply. So that's why we got the BridgeCom repeater."
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  • Mic for my Kenwood Tri-Band HT
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Mic for my Kenwood Tri-Band HT

    I purchased this Mic for my Kenwood Tri-Band HT. It works great. The Mic has a good weight to it and the swivel-clip is strong and locks into your desired position. The Mic's coiled cord is a good length where you do not feel restricted. The sound quality is great as opposed to some other mics that I've heard. I am very pleased with this purchase. I have not used it in the rain yet but I'm confident that it will work fine based on the quality of this product. This was my first purchase from BridgeCom and I will not hesitate to purchase other items in the future.
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  • BridgeCom Systems
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    BridgeCom Systems

    I received my first DMR radio from BridgeCom. It is the anytone at-d868uv. I had trouble getting the radio to take the complete code plug. The technical assistance that I received from Chuck was way above my expectations! He got things corrected and the radio is working as it should. I would not hesitate to buy anything that I needed from BridgeCom because of their technical assistance.
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  • AnyTone AT-D868UV review
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    AnyTone AT-D868UV review

    Overall, this is the best handheld transceiver I've used. Features and functions are great - this radio has plenty of flexibility. My only issue has been the steep learning curve for the programming software. It would be nice to have a well written manual on setting up channels, zones, etc. It took me several hours to figure out how to add some analog channels and set them up so that I could select them (assigning the channels to zones. Most of the time it took me is related to not having used a DMR radio before. Thanks to BYRG for having set up the initial code plugs - that saved me a huge amount of time and got me on the air within a day.
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  • Excellent radio for the price point.
    April 29, 2019 Jared Farouki

    Excellent radio for the price point.

    I purchased this to use as a backup pager for a public safety application. Once I received the radio and programmed it I found it had so much more to offer. For the money, you probably can not find a more robust radio. Other members of the fire department liked mine so much that they have ordered them as well.
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