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Plug and Play MAXimizer

Ready to transform your ham radio setup into a true powerhouse?

Introducing the Plug and Play Maximizer – an all-inclusive service that takes your existing Plug and Play Package to the MAX. BridgeCom's expert technicians will work their magic to transform your exisiting SkyBridge Plus Plug and Play Package into the SkyBridge MAX Plug and Play Package, perfectly synchronized and upgraded, ready to make you QSO dreams a reality.

Why Upgrade to SkyBridge Ultra Max?

🚀 Ultimate Performance: We'll expertly upgrade your SkyBridge Plus hotspot to the SkyBridge Max, ensuring cutting-edge performance for your ham radio operations.

📻 Seamless Integration: Your existing AnyTone Radio and SkyBridge Max Hotspot will be meticulously programmed to work together seamlessly, providing an unmatched user experience.

🌟 Latest Codeplug: Enjoy the benefits of our latest and greatest Codeplug, packed with all the essential features and enhancements.

How Does It Work?

  1. Purchase the Plug and Play Maximizer: Start by selecting the Plug and Play Maximizer service for just $199.

  2. Send in Your Plug and Play Package: We'll provide you with email instructions on sending in your current Plug and Play Package, which includes your SkyBridge Plus hotspot and existing Radio.

  3. Expert Upgrades: Our technicians will work their magic, transforming your SkyBridge Plus hotspot into a SkyBridge Max, programming your radio and hotspot for seamless operation, and upgrading your package with the latest Codeplug.

  4. Experience Ultimate Power: Once the upgrade is complete, your Plug and Play Package will be returned to you as the SkyBridge Max Plug and Play Package – a ham radio powerhouse ready to conquer the airwaves!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your ham radio setup to unprecedented levels of performance. Upgrade with the Plug and Play Maximizer today and unleash the ultimate ham radio experience!

Key Features:

🚀 Improved Web Interface Dashboard: Enjoy an enhanced user experience with improved functionality and a fresh visual facelift for our web interface dashboard.

📊 Dashboard Display Options: Tailor your dashboard with flexible display options, including the ability to show talkgroup names and caller details or hide kerchunks as per your preferences.

📞 Live Caller Display: Stay connected in real-time with a live caller display, making it easier to manage your ham radio communications.

📈 Detailed System Data: Access comprehensive system data for more informed decision-making during your radio operations.

🔄 Grouped Options: Experience an organized interface with improved grouping of related options, simplifying your hotspot management.

💻 Up-to-Date OS and Core Software: Our hotspot is built on a foundation of up-to-date operating systems and core software, guaranteeing improved reliability.

📡 Future Development Focus: Expect future developments to be based on this robust core, ensuring ongoing improvements and innovations.

🎯 Frequency Offset Storage: New units now have the ability to store frequency offsets in onboard EEPROM for optimal tuning, enhancing your radio's performance.

💼 Profile Storage: Store multiple profiles directly on the SkyBridge MAX, accessible from the web interface. Say goodbye to managing multiple .zip configuration files separately.

🌙 Overnight Updates: Stay current with overnight updates that keep your hotspot running smoothly.

🌐 Multiple DMR Networks: Built-in support makes it a breeze to configure and manage multiple DMR networks for versatile operation.

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Original price
$ 199.99
$ 199.99 - $ 199.99
Current price $ 199.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tracy Finch
Plug & play Max

It’s the best thing I ever did by buying a Skybridge Max, because I’m just loving it.

Ronald Brown
Sky Bridge upgrade is a great value.

As usual with Bridge Com services and products they sell is great. This one is especially one all should get.

Harvey Smith
Plug and Play MAXimiser is Awesome

This is an awesome team. quick, knowledgeable, and responsive. My Plug and Play MAXimizer upgrade was completed and returned to me in les time than quoted and it worked right out of the box. Great job guys! Loyal customers are built with great customer service.

Jack Hendrickson

sad you took away all of my analog stations

Jose Cueva
Making the most with progress

The plug & play approach with the MAXimizer has been tremendous since I received it. Be super cautious, read the instructions closely and double checked myself by watching the video several times.
Once the MAXimizer was up & running it was shear excitement. Been able to go further than I expected. Its been great and a pleasure. Will continue to expand my horizons with the MAXimizer and the university resources available.
Thanks & 73

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