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BCR-40DU (400-470 MHz) with internal duplexer, MMDVM Package, and Programming Kit

  "We bought our 440 repeater and I must say it is the best repeater I have seen or used in a long time. The people at BridgeCom really know what they are doing. I would recommend a BridgeCom to anyone wanting a repeater. No one compares!"-Patty S.  

All Repeaters include FREE Programming!

  • Perfect solution for a primary or backup repeater for amateur radio networks!
  • The BCR Repeater provides a feature-rich, extremely reliable repeater/base station combo. 
  • Digital Mode Ready!
  • Includes internal 6-cavity duplexer tuned to your frequency pair.
  • Each BCR Repeater includes FREE Programming!  Just let us know the Tx/Rx Frequency, PL Tone In/Out, Station ID, Desired Transmit Output Power 

UHF (400-470 MHz, 70cm) - 40 Watts Continuous Duty

Designed and assembled in the USA

  • 2 - year warranty
  • Windows® Based Programmer (Sold Separately)
  • Built-In 11.2A Power Supply
  • Battery Backup with Built-in Charging Circuit
  • Dual Cooling Fans
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • 25-pin Accessory Connector
  • Adjustable Squelch
  • 12.5 kHz/25 kHz Channel Spacing
  • Over-the-Air Programming and Maintenance via DTMF Tone Sequences
  • Built-in station CWID - Morse rate programmable 10-25 wpm
  • The MAX TX POWER when transmitting 40Watts is ~9 Amps
  • Quiescent draw is around ~250mA
  • FREE Initial Programming
  • 2 Week Build Time

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BCR Repeater Owner's Manual

BCR Repeater Spec Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Solomon
So Easy

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the sales support team, particularly to the lady who dedicated almost an hour to assist me in selecting and assembling the ideal repeater package. Her meticulous attention to detail ensured that I received everything necessary, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, I'm grateful to the individual responsible for the initial setup and programming, which allowed for immediate and hassle-free operation right from the start. The entire process was seamless and straightforward. My sincere thanks go to Bridgecom Systems. KF0KZN

Michael Neuliep
BCR-40DU Repeater Review works. Just dont rely on the images on the Bridgecom website, it is way out of date. Manual is delivered on a USB key. No schematics are included with this repeater, which is very disappointing. Price is very high for what it is, I should have done more research before purchasing. Bridgecom doesn't make their own repeaters, they simply re-label someone else's repeaters. Bridgecom support was good, but they're not adequately staffed, I had to leave a message and someone called me back later in the day. Repeater is labelled as a BCR-40U, not a BCR-40DU, so was very confused about that. Insertion loss on the duplexer was 11Watts, very disappointing. We will get a second antenna at some point to bring the repeater back to it's full 40W. I'm still learning the mmdvm integration, this piece is actually really neat. Maybe I can learn this and then at a later date, get a stronger, more power repeater and transfer the mmdvm raspberry pi box.

Lorenzo Ybarra
Does all Repeater BCR-40DU with MMDVM package

Wow I’m so happy, what a setup, FM, DSTAR, YSF,
DMR, MMDVM. holy smokes and all the help from Gerald and his never ending patience with me!!!!!!

Don Bush
UHF DMR Repeater Package

This has to be the best package I've ever installed.

Awsome product

awsome product and it also works with zello on gmrs