BCR-40U (400-470 MHz) UHF Repeater

$ 1,195.00


"Very well pleased with BridgeCom repeaters and other communications products, the service and customer support, and the prices. Thanks! "

-Chris D., BCR-40U Repeater customer


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Customer Reviews

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Chris Daniel
BridgeCom Repeater Review

I have close to two dozen BridgeCom repeaters in service, both for commercial and ham use, and I am well pleased with them. No problems, reasonably priced, good support when needed. Thanks! Chris Daniel Daniel Communications, LLC W5AWX

Darris Whitley

I have had this repeater online for several months now without ant issues. The price point for these repeaters allow small Ham clubs or big ones to replace older repeaters with new equipment. I use it for a GMRS repeater here at home on a 100 foot tower. we use it for family and friends communications as well as E-Coms. With the set up I have we regularly get about 25 to 30 miles coverage with some variances due to terrain. I would surly recommend this repeater to anybody looking to put one in operation or replace old equipment. I cant say much for the customer service because I have yet to have a problem but I am confident Bridgecom would stand behind their equipment.

Hi Darris,
Thank you for your review!

Jay R.
BridgeCom repeater BCR-220

Awesome Repeater easy to set up sitting on a hilltop at 8000 ft no problems with the Repeater



Excellent repeater-Excellent company.

I involved with large repeater system in Southern California. We have a number of old Harris and Kenwood repeaters. We were looking for new repeaters to replace our old worn-out equipment. After looking at the various choices we decided to try the Bridgecom repeater on 440 Mhz.

It has turned out to be an excellent choice. The repeater was shipped the same day the order was placed.
The unit was tested on arrival and work perfectly. The repeater truly plug-and-play. A week later I asked Bridgecom to make up a special cable for one of our NHRC-10 controllers. The company shipped the cable three days later.

The support from the folks at Bridgecom is outstanding. I called a couple of times with questions and you could really tell that they cared about customer service and wanted everything to be perfect. I'm sure in the future we will buy more Bridgecom repeaters to replace our older equipment.