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AT-D578UVIII Plus Commercial Mobile Radio (GPS+BT)

Key Features:

  • Cross-Band Repeat - Great for acting as a vehicular repeater
  • Single Frequency Repeater!! - Using two digital time slots, it can function as an SFR (Single Frequency Repeater) - Call us or email for more info!
  • We can program it for you! Programming available, just ask our team!
  • 2-tone/5-tone/DTMF Encode/Decode - Great for FIRE DEPARTMENTS
  • Built-In DMR Repeater Roaming - Search for Repeater Channels in your list while you're driving.  Allows for auto channel steering of the radio!
  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT: 50W (45W UHF), 25W, 10W, 1.0W selectable TX power outputs
  • Air Band Receive - Listen to airplanes and air traffic. 
  • 500,000 User Contact List Capacity - Fit your team in your radio 
  • BlueTooth - Connects to most Bluetooth devices

    Check out the Spec sheet here!

  • Don't forget to grab your Antenna HERE.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Richard Barber
Great Radio - Documentation and Videos SUCK!

The radio is a 10 but the support, both the User Manual and the videos from Bridgecom University, are worthless.

For instance, when you first turn on the radio, a screen pops up where you are to set the time zone, date and time but nowhere is there information on how to do it. I finally watched a video showing someone doing it to see what buttons you need to press to do it.

Entering data into the code plug is fairly straightforward IF you've done it before. You need to read from the radio and then modify THAT spreadsheet for it to work. Having experience with the process, I read from the radio, saved the file, then RENAMED that downloaded file and edited THAT one. That's the process but nowhere in the documentation or videos is that even mentioned.

AnyTone Rocks

This radio is my 4th AnyTone DMR capable radio. I stand by my previous reviews. Still excellent. Amy at AnyTone is the gal you want to deal with as she is both professional and customer service motivated. It is always a pleasure to buy from BridgeCom.!!!!!! Keep up the excellent work.


Bad mother board

James Green

AT-D578UV Plus Commercial Mobile Radio (GPS+BT)

James Bailey
Thanks for good service

I was pleased with the service I got from Bridgecom when I had a problem with my Anytone 578 radio. I have the opportunity to frequently recommend radios to new hams, and I have frequently recommended Bridgecom to those hams. Based on the service I received I feel good about recommending Bridgecom.