VHF/UHF DVMega/Pi3 Dual Band Kit Assembled

$ 279.00

Product Delayed.

Pending Lead Time Estimation

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We have gotten information from the manufacturer of the DVMega board. They have informed us the main reason behind the extreme delay has been that the government confiscated their PCB machines in order to build ventilators. Thankfully, those machines have been returned, and they have resumed production.

Based on the latest information, we expect a 2-3 week delay for our hotspot.


By purchasing the DVMEGA  you agree that we can not support you with this product post-sale other than with existing online resources. This means no free phone support or email support. Phone support can be purchased additionally if required. 


UHF DVMega/Pi3 Kit Assembled

The DVMEGA Hotspot allows you to connect your digital amateur radio to nearly any worldwide network without being in range of a repeater. Connecting it to the internet is simple with a wired or wireless connection(Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). Configure the DVMEGA Hotspot with a web browser or take complete control with a command line interface


 Product Demonstration