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B-Stock AnyTone AT-D878UV

PLEASE READ! B-stock product is sold as is. There are no refunds, warranties, or returns for B-stock products. B-stock products are customer returns not related to the condition or performance of the radio.

All B-stock products are inspected and tested by our technician to ensure the product meets functional standards. Products may have slight cosmetic defects. Limited Stock Available.

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Customer Reviews

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Curtis Tallman
A really good value

Getting the capabilities and performance of the D878UV at the B-Stock price worked out really well. The radio I received was blemish free and works perfectly. I have a D868 I bought about 6 months ago and the two are amazingly similar in performance and features with the edge going to the new D878. I enjoy these radios for their DMR capabilities and also their analog FM capabilities in the ham bands. I do highly recommend them.


Fast accurate as listed have ordered many and will order more! I started using the hand held 878uv a year ago and have ordered several for others near me.

Hector Carveth
Radio works great ! Completed my collection of AnyTone DMR Handheld Radios

I have been a fan of the Anytone Line of handheld DMR radios for a long time. Reason I bought the AT-D878UV is to round out my radio collection. I now all four versions and variants, from the AT-D868UV to the latest AT-D878UVII Plus.

Another I reason got the radio is help do presentations at my local HAM radio club demonstrations such as connecting to DMR Hot Spots, and DMR simplex operation. The extra radio helps with those demonstrations.

Just because the radio is coming from B-Stock does not mean you getting a lesser radio. It means you are getting a radio at a great price in like new conditions. When you receive a B-Stock product from Bridgecom it comes in the original packing box with manual , charger , battery programing cable, and belt clip. Everything you to get started.

All and all I have been very happy my latest purchase from Bridgecom


Hector KB2VWD

Jim Westberg
Excellent radio

First off, I really don't know what the difference was between buying B-stock and buying new. Radio came flawless.
Awesome battery life and once I got hooked up with the codeplug from the Interstate Network here in the Delmarva Region, I was off to the races.
Excellent audio and plenty of "umph" in Turbo mode to get to the local repeaters. No idea how this works through a hotspot, but I wanted my experience to be "repeater-based," so hopefully I won't have to rely on a hotspot for a while.
Let's chalk this up as a "win."
73 - Jim K9IDX

Richard Bell
Good Buy

Hi Great great buy goes good with my previous
878 uv ,but the firm ware way higher than my other
1.12 firm ware and to many steps to up grade it to the B stock ,so going to have 2 code plugs 1 for each . The Radios though are Great !