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🌞 Soak Up the Sun with Weekly Summer Deals Starting July 9th! >> 🌞

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B-Stock AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS

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    Tom Z
    B-Stock 878ii plus

    Received my 888 radio in 2 days. Radio looked as if it was brand new. Great Deal
    Tom. N2UD

    Excellent Dual Mode, Dual Band Radio

    I was going to return this because I found a good deal on the version II but after receiving it and trying it out, I decided it was too good to let go. I'll probably be gifting this to a friend whom I'm trying to get into ham radio and I hope they'll enjoy it as much as I have in the short time I've had it.

    The radio is sensitive enough to pick up distant/weak stations surprisingly clearly even indoors and is powerful enough to provide a solid transmission through my nearest IRLP linked repeater, 17mi away, with consistently positive signal reports, again transmitting from indoors.

    The Bluetooth feature is particularly useful and convenient. It allows users to take advantage of better microphones and speakers/headphones than are onboard the radio and enhances the overall experience. I've also made good use of the Bluetooth PTT button, especially while driving.

    As with most radios of this type the CPS is not the most straightforward but I've seen worse. It's reasonably well put together and you can figure out most of what everything does intuitively but there are areas where getting guidance from someone who knows what they're doing would help. This is the only area that detracts from the use of the radio.

    Thanks BCS for the great radio!

    Mark Hinrichsen
    Radio is Fine - Bugger to setup

    Radio received in perfect condition. Nice screen and feels like a very solid HT. Subscribed to the Bridgecom University and updated Firmware. Quite honestly the Bridgecom University hasn't been much help to get me on the air using my ZumSpot. I messed around with this HT for over 2 weeks with no joy. I finally found out two things that if they were covered I missed. 1 - The RX & TX Freq for all channels need to be the same freq you set on your ZumSpot. 2 - You have to have an account with Brandmeister and then set up a password (now must have a unique PW instead of the general PW) and input this into your ZumSpot. This all required a lot of searching on my own to figure out. It would be nice if the BC University would have the initial instructions on how to "really" get on the air then go in to the additional details on how DMR works etc. ALSO have a separate module on how to setup your HT to work with a hotspot. Finally got things working and making contacts with tons of struggle. Audio Quality is quite excellent!! I can ever read the display with out my cheaters on! I plan on using this HT ONLY for DMR and use my other HT's for UHF/VHF.

    Ken Wooley
    B-Stock received as advertised

    I've had this radio for nearly two week and have used it intermittently. So far so good. I'm slowing learning about codeplugs so not able to use the radio to its fullest yet. The radio itself seems to work as expected.

    Earle Quinlan

    Can't review yet, you have it for programming it and Skybridge. Looking forward to using it when I recieve it back.