AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus

$ 299.99


"The 878UVII is now my favorite radio. They took the best parts of the 878 added a few features and upgraded memory... I like the new feel and look of the updated 878. Highly recommend." - Ron KB9ZB


The AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus offers:

    • BridgeCom University Access ($97 Value—FREE with your purchase) Beginner-to-expert training that walks you through your new device, answering core questions like, “What is DMR and how do I operate on it?” and “How do I program and use my new radio?”
    • Dual band with Analog and DMR capability so you can have one radio for everything
    • APRS RX AND TX capability so you can beacon your location and see other operators on your radio too
    • 500K contact list capacity so you can have every DMR user in your radio no matter how many there are
    • Bluetooth capability for hands-free communication in your vehicle, so you can connect to your favorite Bluetooth audio device or hearing aid for added safety and convenience
    • Dedicated support team available for questions about your 878UVII Plus so that you'll always know how to use your radio.

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Customer Reviews

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Ira Wilner
Anytone HT's have a great tradition from their earlier analog to their latest DMR hand held

I originally owned an Anytone analog HT that was very sweet. Excellent sensitivity and selectivity. So, when they came out with the 868UV I knew it would be a fine radio and it is.
The AT-878UVIIPlus is their latest engineering marvel with product leading DMR specifications. Mine is on its way. So, a full review shall have to wait. Aside from the limited APRS capability in analog mode that others have bemoaned, the only issue I've found with the Anytone direct conversion DSP receiver is a propensity to briefly drop out analog audio from sources such as NWR. Not sure why that happens. I've seen the same issue with other radio brands that are also not superhet in design. I have two reasons for wanting the upgrade to bluetooth connectivity of this latest model. First is better waterproofing when you do not have to open the connector access cover and insert an external wired headset or speaker-mic. Second is becoming hard of hearing and my use of PSAP's (personal hearing devices with BT capability, not necessarily hearing aides) and desiring ability to hear one's surroundings while also having direct audio from the radio. Two wins. The better earbud PSAP's provide voice pickup for cell phone use and in this case substitutes for the HT's own mic..

Brian Dale
We Need APRS Messaging!

I had the old version 878 and was looking forward to the Full Analog APRS capability but it just isn't there. We really need to be able to send APRS messages so we can do things like SMSGTE! Without that, the additional features compared to the older version aren't that spectacular. Should just be a firmware upgrade but have been waiting and waiting and nothing yet. Let's make it happen, please! Other than this issue which is important to many of us, I love the radio.

Great except one thing

Works great, just as advertised.

It's missing a single feature and it's VERY ANNOYING - sure it can beacon and receive (most) APRS, but you can't type a message and send it via analogue APRS... So that's no SMSGTE, no WXYO etc. How hard can it be to add the feature in software given it can do the same thing digitally? But no, too hard it seems. It kills this otherwise perfect HT.

Perry G.
AT-D878UVII Plus -

Love the quality and feel of the HT. Comparing to other HT, superb. Only thing wish my 578Pro audio control was as good as the 878.

James Gatwood
I love the APRS send and receive on this radio!

I have many of the AnyTone Radios! 3 578's and a couple of the 878's and now a AT-D878UVII These are awesome little radios for the features. I just wish the rumored 578 with detachable head would materialize!