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Unboxing A BridgeCom Repeater

Unboxing A BridgeCom Repeater

Learn more about our repeaters by clicking here >> https://bit.ly/2VrSui3 


Hey everybody, this is Nick, N-Ø-N-Y-A with BridgeCom Systems and today we are gonna be unboxing a BridgeCom repeater. 

Let's get into it. 


You may notice that I'm unboxing a BridgeCom 50V repeater. 

All of our repeaters look the same externally so what you see in this video is what you can expect from any repeater you order. 

Upon opening the box, there will be application notes and startup instructions tucked into one side and a plastic bag tucked into the other. 

A standard repeater order will include a power cable and four rubber feet that stick to the bottom of the repeater in case you wanna put your repeater on a surface rather than mount it in a rack.

 Finally, we can remove the box, styrofoam end caps, protective bag and there you have your repeater. 

Other packages available include various duplexers, an MMDVM assembly which enables digital modes, a base station hand mic and even a programming kit. 

If you're interested in learning more about our repeaters and available packages, check out the link below or give us a call at (816)-532-8451 and press extension one for sales. 

This has been Nick, N-Ø-N-Y-A, with BridgeCom Systems, 73.


Learn more about our repeaters by clicking here >> https://bit.ly/2VrSui3 <<

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Frank W McLaughlin VE9FOX - October 12, 2019

What is the average price for your repeater. Could you please post a list to what you have and your recommendation.

Frank W McLaughlin - October 12, 2019

I like to know more about your DMR repeater. How much it will add-up to with the set of cavities. Will it be ok to operate such repeater next to a YEASU C4-FM DX-1 or -2 The actual repeater we have is on frequency 145-270 VHF
What if I set your repeater in the 147-275 VHF

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