How to Unlock the AnyTone Keypad

How to Unlock the AnyTone Keypad

Hi everyone. This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems and in this video I'm going to be showing you how to unlock the keypad on your new AnyTone Radio.

So first off, open up the CPS. Now you can obtain this by going to This is a great place, a great resource for all your radio needs. Then go to the support tab and click on the the appropriate AnyTone support page. In this case we're going with an 878 PLUS, and then just go ahead and and find the latest version of the CPS. In this case it's listed here. Go ahead and download and install that software. Then we're going to go over here. After you open it up, this is what you should be presented with with a fresh radio. Go to the Optional Settings tab. Then under Key Function, which is located right here, you want to make sure all of these are turned off. Now some radios, the majority of the radios shipping out right now are, are the unlocked, but we have had radios ship out locked before.

So just, if you run into an issue with a keypad lock, you just want to make sure all four of these sections right here are turned off. And then once you're done, say "Okay," plug your radio on and make sure it's turned on. And then you'll be able to select it here in the Com port. Select Okay. And then simply write to the radio. Now in this case, we don't need to do the Digital Contact List just select the Other Data. And then write.

Now it's as simple as that. Your radio should be unlocked and you can use all the features on the keypad. So this is Cody from BridgeCom Systems. 73.

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William Hennessy - January 12, 2020

Can not get the comm port to connect to the radio. So it is locked and useless.

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