BCR-220 (220 MHz) Repeater

$ 1,195.00

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

"Replaced my 220 repeater with a quality built Bridge Com repeater. This is a very well designed repeater and has great FM audio. 
With all the other qualities built in the repeater design. Kudos to Bridge Com and gang for building a fine repeater."

- Ben C., BCR-220 Repeater Customer


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Customer Reviews

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Tim H.
Bridgecom BCR-220 Repeater

I was tired of having to go to the repeater site and work on my old repeater. I bought a BCR-220 and installed it 4 years ago. It is located at a commercial site and access is very limited. The BCR-220 has been a workhorse and is the best repeater I have ever owned. The audio is exceptional and has a clean signal. The 224.720 repeater is in Dayton Ohio and has mobile coverage into Northern Kentucky, parts of Indiana and 30 to 50 miles to the North and east. I am glad to have the BCR-220 Repeater as it has great coverage of the Dayton Hamvention. Next time you are attending the Dayton Hamvention, stop by Bridgecom booth and say hello to the Bridgecom team. Let them know how the Dayton FM Group repeater sounds. Excellent product Bridgecom!

Harry P.
Lot's of Stoked Club Member's!!!

I was finally able to get the repeater up and running. Why did it take so long you ask? We planted a new tower with all the fixings.

Last night at 8PM turned it on and it was music to our ears! Thanks Tim and the Bridgecom team you knocked this one out of the park!

Here is link of the repeater mounted in the rack: https://scontent-lax3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/23032837_1960302844242342_3648301492169411867_n.jpg?oh=f54593e13e7d3c2d8ca677749c803530&oe=5A75023A

Thank you and 73,

GTARC - Golden Triangle Amateur Radio Club

Gerry C.

Customer likes it.

Bert C.
BCR 220 repeater - N4BZJ Repeater Dalton,GA

The BCR 220 replaced a 34 year old Spectrum 1000. It works really well in all areas!

Paul Littleton
No Complaints

Even though I tend to nit-pick, I really don't have much to say. Unboxing the repeater was the hardest part of getting the machine up and operating. Reading the manual isn't necessary, unless you do want to adjust something you forgot to ask Bridgecom to set/program. I do have the programming software and I have used it to adjust some items. I did QRO the transmitter to make up for losses in my duplexer. I forgot that little detail when I specified the power output of the repeater. I also used the software to program the repeater to work with my new (acquired after the repeater) external controller. It is handy to have on hand.

Bridgecom was extremely helpful (and kind) when I did have occasion to ask for help. I was having trouble interfacing my repeater to an external controller. Bridgecome was ever so kind in pointing me to the documentation explaining how to accomplish the task.