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How to Find Your Cell Phone's WiFi Credentials For Setting Up DVMEGA Pi-Star Wifi

How to Find Your Cell Phone's WiFi Credentials For Setting Up DVMEGA Pi-Star Wifi


Hi everyone. 

This is Cody from BridgeCom Systems and in this video I'm going to be showing you how to find your phone's hotspot Wi-Fi credentials to program into your DVMEGA. 

So, if you're on an iPhone, what you want to do is go to Settings, then go to Personal Hotspot, which you can see here, and then you want to go ahead and turn that on. 

Now, the name of the hotspot, in this case it says, Jared's iPhone. 

On this iPhone, that may not work with Pi-Star because of the apostrophe. 

Now this is how your iPhone will come standard with a username like that. 

So we wanna go back out here, go down to General, go to About, we can change the name of the iPhone here. 

So I'm gonna take it back and we'll just name it to Jared. 

We could do 123, I mean, you can do anything you want here, but just don't do any special characters and it's a good idea to leave out the spaces. 

So we're gonna go back in here, Personal Hotspot. 

And now we can see the new username. 

What the username is, is the part right inside those quotation marks there. 

And then our password here, once again, don't use special characters and pay attention to capital letters, like there's a capital P. 

Everything here, the username and password, is very case-sensitive, so we have to pay attention to that. 

But it's really that simple. 

So we go ahead and put these into the Pi-Star system and that's how it works for an iPhone. 

Now over here on an Android, what you wanna do, there's two ways to go to Settings, you may have it on your home screen or you can swipe down from the top and go to Settings this way. 

Then just go to Connections, and then down here, you'll see a Mobile Hotspot and tethering, so we're gonna go ahead and switch this on, turn on. 

Then open it up. 

There's your username and password. 

Now, once again, you don't want to have any special characters and I believe it's a good idea not to have spaces either. 

So yeah, that's pretty much it. 

Now you can go ahead and change either of them, but we'll just go back out to the home screen here. 

So that's it for now. 

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