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Did You Miss The HamCation Buzz?

Did You Miss The HamCation Buzz?

We made it down to Hamcation in 2022 and it was an absolute blast. So many Hams and so many radios! We hope you were able to experience this awesome event with us...

But in  case you didn't, we talked to some hams that shared their HamCation experience as well as their experience with BridgeCom!

Interested in what they have to say?

Click The Video Below To Watch This One-Minute Teaser!

Hamcation was amazing. So we will be there in 2023 as well. See you there!

🔥 Check out these Hot Items Heading to HamCation 🔥

👉 BCM-220 1.25 Mobile Radio

👉 SkyBridge Plus Dual-Band Digital Hotspot

👉 Amateur Radio Accessories

👉 And much more!

We truly hope to see you at HamCation!

For more information:
📞: 816-532-8451
Technical Support:

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