SkyBridge Plus Dual Band Digital Hotspot

$ 349.99

Back in stock with 3-day lead time! Get yours now!

“The SkyBridge Hotspot really opened up DMR for me. I enjoy being able to connect with talk groups from across the country and around the world. For a newcomer to Ham Radio, it has made it easy for me to see why I want to dig deeper into the hobby.” - Charlie Crabb - SkyBridge Customer.

Why the SkyBridge Plus is better than the Skybridge. 

  • Upgraded High-Performance Board and Processer (400% faster boot speed)
  • 1.3” OLED Screen Upgraded to 2.4” LCD Screen (3.38X More Screen Space
  • Tons of new display features (listed below)
  • Direct Ethernet Port and Displayed IP address - super easy to connect to the internet. 
  • New Jet Black Look
  • Limited Quantity Available 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
troy howell
Awesome Hotspot.

This is a very well built Hotspot. So easy to set up and use. The huge color screen is easy on the eyes. I really like that it is so portable. I use it at home with my router and at work using my phone. Tried it my my truck and it worked! I highly recommend purchasing this. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

Greg Smith
My SkyBridge works as advertised!

Hi all. I purchased the SkyBridge and boy am I happy I did. It has great range. I live on 5 acres. I put a Nayoya NA701 vertical on it and I can talk all over the world with my Anytone 878uv from almost any point on my land. Wahoo! K5GTE

Gary Frantz

The BridgeCom Skybridge is best DMR node out there. I have two other DMR nodes, one I built, and a Raspberry Pi 0 that I purchased, which is considerably smaller and can fit in my pocket. The BridgeCom out performs both of them.

Glenn Bartlett
Its great

I love this thing.
Just can’t get it to work I’ve got it all set up shows my call sine the date and time and 443.900 just sits on idle
I think I need some of your great help you guys are great. I have a openspot3 and could never get this far with it . Thanks Glenn N3YJ

Wayne Hatfield
DStar question

I would like to ask Steve Paynter does he use a DStar radio to talk to the hotspot?