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FRS VS GMRS: A Radio Service Comparison Guide

FRS VS GMRS: A Radio Service Comparison Guide

Which Would You Choose?

General Mobile Radio Services or Family Radio Services?

These two radio services are frequently on the mind of anyone looking into getting involved with radio in a more casual manner or preppers who require a self-reliant communication device. The problem is it’s a little confusing trying to decipher which one is right for you. Which one best fits your needs? Which one provides the best tradeoffs? We’re here to help make that decision a little less stressful.

Today we’re going to share with you what exactly FRS and GMRS are, the differences between them, and lastly we'll cover which one we would recommend for you.

Do you have more questions about FRS or GMRS that we didn’t cover today? Let us know down below!

Let us know what questions you have about FRS, GMRS, or any other topic:

Buddy FRS radio:

Echo GMRS radio:

0:00 Intro
0:41 FRS Overview
1:45 GMRS Overview
2:31 Key Differences
3:54 Final Recommendations

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Douglas Schumann - August 27, 2021

I liked the video, it was very informative. My question is can anyone set up a repeater for games or do you have to use ones already set up. I guess my second question would be, how expensive are repeaters and radios to go with a good system. I have a friend who is a peeper, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get him to get his ham ticket.
I’d appreciate any info you might have on radios and pricing.
Thanks again. Doug N1SHU.

james maney - August 27, 2021

How do I connect to a repeater using a GMRS Radio??
How do I locate ’’repeater’’ stations near me???
I assume I can just google GMRS License and find the required form and info.
Your video was good, thanks, Jim M

John Bechtoldt - August 27, 2021

Is a single GMRS License applicable to the whole family living at an address?

Joseph Lane - August 27, 2021

Can GMRS be used by a volunteer rescue squad?

Bob - August 27, 2021

Excellent presentation. Thorough and to the point. Covered the subject well

Richard Kelly - August 27, 2021

I joy my GRMS Repeater with gmrs node

lawrence d wright - August 27, 2021

Still confused about using or accessing “The repeater syatem”?? Looking into the GRMS option to access the more power option.

Paul Schmitter - August 27, 2021

One thing you didn’t mention about GMRS repeater operation. Although there are some ‘open’ repeaters, some either require membership in a club or at least permission to use them. There are several web sites that list repeaters in a users area and whether they are ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Or a user can put up there own repeater as long as it does not interfere with an existing repeater.

Mike - August 27, 2021

Is there away to use gmrs over the internet

WILLIAM THOMPSON - August 27, 2021

I have a FRS transceiver and am under the impression I am only allowed to use 1 through 7 channels is that true

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