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FRS VS GMRS: A Radio Service Comparison Guide

FRS VS GMRS: A Radio Service Comparison Guide

Which Would You Choose?

General Mobile Radio Services or Family Radio Services?

These two radio services are frequently on the mind of anyone looking into getting involved with radio in a more casual manner or preppers who require a self-reliant communication device. The problem is it’s a little confusing trying to decipher which one is right for you. Which one best fits your needs? Which one provides the best tradeoffs? We’re here to help make that decision a little less stressful.

Today we’re going to share with you what exactly FRS and GMRS are, the differences between them, and lastly we'll cover which one we would recommend for you.

Do you have more questions about FRS or GMRS that we didn’t cover today? Let us know down below!

Let us know what questions you have about FRS, GMRS, or any other topic:

Buddy FRS radio:

Echo GMRS radio:

0:00 Intro
0:41 FRS Overview
1:45 GMRS Overview
2:31 Key Differences
3:54 Final Recommendations

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Tom Betty - August 27, 2021

Can licensed hams still require a GMRS license to operate on 462 – 467 MHz ?

Mark Dufour - August 27, 2021

Hi Guys, I currently hold my GROL and studying for my Hamy. I am interested in GMRS Radios, Do I need the license, or does my GROL Trump that License? No pun intended?
Thank you!

Steve R White - August 27, 2021

Thanks that was clear and informative now I have a better understanding of the two systems

Mike Nicastro - August 27, 2021

Great presentation Cody! Very informative and I actually picked up a couple things that I didn’t know about GMRS. As always BridgeCom Systems has super support and great products.

FrankMitalas - August 27, 2021

Good presentation. Thanks

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