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First Look at the AnyTone 578 Mobile

First Look at the AnyTone 578 Mobile

Excited about the AnyTone 578 Mobile?
Take a look at this video demo that Duane Reese, N6DMR, made.

Of course, we will be carrying this awesome radio when it comes out!

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Ken Miller KF0C - September 2, 2021

Are there plans to produce 578 with detachable head? Or, is there a cable that can be added to it now?

Greg Dean - November 10, 2019

Is it programmed the way most commercial radios are or more like how amateur gear is?

Robert Taylor - October 31, 2019

I’ll answer some questions for you guys
Steve, about 400.00 bucks

Ray, no separation cable, but early next year a dash display that will have all the info on it

Rich, your antenna will work fine but it is a tri bander having 220 mhz also so you will really need a tri band antenna for all to work

Ron , yes dmr and analog shipping now, I have a brocher mine shipped yesterday, very very sweet radio, gonna be the best

Robert Taylor - October 31, 2019

any CPS software yet?

Mike - October 8, 2019

Hi. Will the Anytone 578 use the same programming software as the Anytone 878?

Jim - September 26, 2019

I would like to provide some feedback on this video (Please consider it constructive, designed to make future video’s better).

This video makes many references to another radio. Those of us who are looking at DMR for the first time or Anytone for the first time have no reference point for some previous radio, thus the video does not stand alone in helping the viewer understand this radio unless they are already familiar with some other radio.

Steve KN4TKR - September 25, 2019

Any estimate on cost of the AT-D-578UV.

Ray Gayton-Jacob - September 24, 2019

Is there a separation kit available?

Rich Ross - September 24, 2019

If I use the Anytone 578 as a base rig what kind of roof antenna do I need? I already have a Diamond 2Meter 440 antenna up there. Can that be used with this rig?

Ron - September 5, 2019

DMR mobile ?? when??

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