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Does the AnyTone HT Have a Keypad Lock Function?

Does the AnyTone HT Have a Keypad Lock Function?

Watch How to Unlock the Keypad >>

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James Wong - August 27, 2020

Why am I unable to download and import the digital contact list from RadioID any more? I am using codeplug version 1.18, it worked before but now it states that there is a format issue?

Marc Nachman - August 21, 2020

its nice to know that it has a keyboard lock, but how do I use it? Do I have to put it in professional mode? I can only lock it from the cps software? I don’t always have a computer with me, how do I lock it from the keyboard and how would I unlock it from the keyboard if the keyboard is locked,

James Elbert - August 21, 2020

You didn’t tell how to lock the keypad except put in professional mode. Could you tell how to lock key pad.

Charlie Crabb - August 21, 2020

This video would be more helpful if you could actually tell us how to set the key lock function. It is good to know you can lock the keys but including the information on how to access the lock settings and the difference between manual and automatic would be a great benefit.

A little more information would help for many of the videos…


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