DMR Etiquette

DMR Etiquette

What's the best way to properly operate your radio in DMR? Watch as Sebastian, KBØTTL, responds to frequently asked questions concerning DMR etiquette!

Now that you're getting to know how to handle a talkgroup in DMR, let's get you fitted with a radio.

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Alan Larson - November 18, 2020

How do I monitor a talkgroup without interrupting the activity that may be going on there?

Fred - November 18, 2020

Thank you bridgecom, n8bts
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Larry Montgomery - November 18, 2020


Larry Montgomery - November 18, 2020

Yo, yo!

Richard Palmer - November 18, 2020

Sebastian, thank you for the interesting and informative video. I like the part about logbook. I have a question: When you log your contact in LOTW or eQSL, how do log them as ? ( Digital contact ? DMR contact ?..ect..). and what frequency/band do you specify ? (you band to the repeaster ?,..what about hotspot ?)

Thank your and 73,
Richard VE2CH

Paul A Aubuchon - November 18, 2020


How do you Disconnect from the talk group

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