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What Is Overlanding?

What Is Overlanding?

There are so many ways to use your radio from BridgeCom systems, that your head might be starting to spin with the many options you have. You can communicate with your neighbors, try to hit your local repeater for extended range, and always have the option to download different codeplugs that will enhance your radio experience. One activity that may or may not be on your radar is called overlanding, and it has the potential to release the adventurous spirit inside you, beyond what you thought was possible.

So, What Is Overlanding? 

Overlanding is usually defined as some sort of combination of travel, off-roading, and camping in remote areas. You could have a destination in mind when taking off on your journey, but keep in mind that when overlanding, the journey is the main part of the overall experience. Typically, when a person goes on vacation, they think about the sunny destination they will inhabit for a few days after stepping off the plane, or finishing a long drive. Overlanding is a great way to appreciate the journey to get to that place. Maybe you don't even have a destination in mind at all. Embark on your journey with an adventurous mindset, and see how you appreciate the journey and travel experience more than ever.

Overlanding vs. Camping

So you have read the above and are now saying "I have been overlanding multiple times, piece of cake." Not so fast. You maybe think you have been overlanding before, but you may have been doing some luxurious camping or 'glamping' as some would say. Overlanding entails long-distance travel to reach a destination that may be remote, or a destination that others may not see as a vacation spot. That's because overlanding isn't about being on a vacation. It's about taking a journey to a place and truly appreciating the road to get there. Too many times we ignore the experience of the trip, and just think about the things that will be there when we get to our eventual destination. Overlanding gives us all a chance to value the time spent on the journey, whether that is a specific destination, or a random location. Overlanding also tends to be an extended journey that may last months, weeks, or sometimes years.

What Equipment Do You Need?

You've gotten yourself in the adventurous spirit, your ready to be self-reliant and your about ready to take off. But what equipment is going to make this a successful overlanding trip? Well, you are going to need a vehicle that can handle the elements. This is important because to truly overland, you need something that can handle about any terrain. Forests, creeks, and mountains could await you, so make sure you are ready for anything. You will also need some sort of communication equipment to get in contact with the outside world. A cellphone's capabilities will not be needed when overlanding, as you won't need to check into social media, and won't ever need to look up the location of the nearest McDonald's. An AnyTone 878UVII Plus is the perfect companion for an overland trip, as it has everything you need for communication on your adventure. Use the APRS RX and TX capability so you can beacon your location and see other operators on your radio too. You may want to hook your radio up with some AnyTone accessories, in case you want some extended range or an extra battery. You will also want to make sure you have food, water, first aid, and toiletries, at the minimum.

Ready To Go Overlanding?
Think you have what it takes to take a journey overland? As you have read, overlanding isn't some luxurious vacation where you stay in a hotel, eat continental breakfast, and checkout at eleven. Overlanding is a true journey for serious adventurers and self-reliant travelers that want to dig a little bit deeper within themselves. A true overlanding journey might land you in uncomfortable situations where you may have to rely on yourself and your intuition. Hopefully, you understand a little more about overlanding, and the true meaning behind it. If you decide to take an overlanding journey, be sure you are prepared, have the right equipment, and are truly ready to discover the adventurous spirit within yourself you may not have known before.
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