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Chris Solomon: A Story of Service, Adaptability, and Community Support

Chris Solomon: A Story of Service, Adaptability, and Community Support


Chris Solomon: A Story of Service, Adaptability, and Community Support

Smithville, Missouri - BridgeCom Systems, a leading provider of communication solutions, is proud to spotlight Chris Solomon, an exemplary individual whose journey showcases his dedication, service, and commitment to fostering inclusivity within the HAM radio community.

Chris Solomon's path is one marked by service and adaptation. After serving in the Air Force for five years at Whiteman AFB, MO, with deployments to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Chris returned to Kansas, where he worked as a corrections officer for another five years. During this time, he obtained several FEMA certifications, including incident commander, showcasing his commitment to public safety and emergency response.

In 2008, Chris transitioned to IT, seeking a safer work environment. However, his passion for communication and community engagement remained steadfast. When his employer needed a communication solution for their 400,000 sqft warehouse in November 2022, Chris took the initiative to obtain a business license for a simplex frequency, followed by acquiring his own GMRS License and eventually his Amateur license in December 2022. 

He installed his repeater atop the tallest building in Kansas, providing both UHF and VHF options for Hams in the Wichita area. Chris is dedicated to provide communication resources for the local Ham community.

"BridgeCom Systems was amazing to work with. Their team was always available to help me decide on the equipment I needed for my systems. Their repeaters work great and I would be happy to buy from them again. “- Chris Solomon

“We’re glad we could help Chris get the equipment he needed.  He’s going to make a lot of Hams in the Wichita area happy!" said Gerald Happy, manager at BridgeCom Systems.

Chris Solomon's story serves as a beacon of inspiration for fellow Ham enthusiasts within the amateur radio community.

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