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Breaking: Santa Cruz County ARC Strengthens Communication Infrastructure with BridgeCom Systems

Breaking: Santa Cruz County ARC Strengthens Communication Infrastructure with BridgeCom Systems


Santa Cruz County ARC Strengthens Communication Infrastructure with BridgeCom Systems

Santa Cruz, CA - Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club (SCCARC) has taken a significant step towards enhancing its communication capabilities by partnering with BridgeCom Systems, a leading provider of communication solutions.

Founded in 1916, SCCARC has a proud history of serving the Santa Cruz County community and beyond. Committed to promoting amateur radio activities, providing education, and supporting emergency communication efforts, SCCARC plays a crucial role in fostering communication resilience in the region.

SCCARC's latest endeavor involves the acquisition of advanced repeaters from BridgeCom Systems. These repeaters represent a substantial investment in modernizing and upgrading the club's communication infrastructure, enabling SCCARC members to communicate effectively during emergencies and community events.

"We are delighted to start this relationship with BridgeCom Systems. Their expertise and professionalism will be very helpful in enhancing our ability to communicate. We will be able to serve the community and guarantee dependable communication when it matters most thanks to these new repeaters.” said Martin Greatorex

Martin Greatorex, a computer engineer, plays a key role in overseeing SCCARC's repeaters. He created Ham Tracks, an Android APRS client, showcasing his dedication to amateur radio. Martin's expertise in APRS, repeaters, repeater controllers, and Allstar highlights SCCARC's commitment to innovative communication technology.

Ron Kochanowicz, Owner of BridgeCom, who assisted with SCCARC's repeater order, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: "It has been a pleasure working with SCCARC to meet their communication needs. We are honored to assist them in their endeavors to improve community service and communication resilience."

The partnership between SCCARC and BridgeCom Systems reflects a shared commitment to innovation, reliability, and community service. With the acquisition of advanced repeaters, SCCARC is well-equipped to continue providing invaluable communication support to Santa Cruz County and beyond.

For more information about SCCARC please visit

For more information about BridgeCom Systems and its communication solutions, visit

Contact: Allison Morrison,

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